Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thoughts after 1 quarter, Lions, Bears

I like what the Lions are trying to do offensively. Getting their receivers involved in the running game, getting the ball to Calvin Johnson right away, etc. It's the execution that's the issue. The fumbles speak for themselves, although Nate Burleson was a victim of his own extra effort on his fumble. The Bears have a strong defense. Julius Peppers is an obvious problem for the Lions.

- No excuse for the dropped pass or the blown block or punting the ball to Hester like that. Bite the bullet and kick directionally away from him.

- Why did Kyle Vanden Bosch take that penalty? Made no sense - especially for a veteran player.

- The good news: At least the Lions have been stout so far against Chicago running back Matt Forte.

- Man, the Lions are even losing the replay challenges so far...


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