Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thoughts on MSU's win over Iowa; Halftime Michigan, Illinois

- That is the best I can remember Michigan State's offense looking in a road game against strong opposition. Very solid, and big plays when the Spartans needed them. Iowa has a pretty good defense. It was a classic Michigan State under Mark Dantonio offensive performance in that way.

- The Spartans have an excellent defensive line. It is their great strength. It is the difference between the Spartans and most other Big Ten teams. Marcus Coker averaged less than three yards per carry at home? Didn't think that was possible.

- The difference between Michigan's defense this season and the previous three seasons is a remarkable. It wasn't the players, it was the coaching. Illinois has minus 12 yards rushing.

- Denard Robinson has made some progress as a passer, but is still lacking consistency.

- The first half was one of blown opportunity by Michigan. The Wolverines should have at least 10 more points. Not sure Illinois has what it takes to stage a comeback, but it does point to why the Wolverines have trouble against the better teams.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great that the MSU staff has some depth in their defense. MSU players were falling like flies in this game!

5:29 PM 

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