Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Difficult to gauge how time will judge Joe Paterno

As Joe Paterno plays his swan song at Penn State, it wouldn't surprise me, as time moves forward, if he starts to garner sympathy. Especially when he is given an opportunity to speak, and anticipating Paterno being very contrite, which he should.
Not saying that's right, but it is human nature. Right now, virtually everybody is just calling for his fall from grace.
Me, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, Paterno essentially turned a blind eye to the alleged transgression of Jerry Sandusky. It was ridiculous, and devastating in scope for aall innocent children that were involved. It does trump any other factors involved here.
On the other hand, is that the only thing Paterno should be remembered for? Is all the good that he has down through the years get thrown out the window because of this?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You answered your own question. This was not a "mistake". A mistake is forgetting to turn off the stove when you go run errands. This inhumane pervert was allowed to attack children for YEARS!!!! and arguably Joe Paterno knew. Everytime he saw Sandusky over the last 10 YEARS or so he had to be reminded of this madness yet he did NOTHING for 10 YEARS! Don't tell me this was a "mistake", Paterno is just as guilty as the school administrators, Paterno had more power on that campus than any other human being, He could have stopped Sandusky with a wave of his hand, yet Paterno chose not to. 60 years of winning football games mean nothing, because he willingly turned away from stopping a monster. All of them are cowards. Evil thrives when good men do nothing to stop it.


7:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time will judge him as a cowardly creep, a liar and a man of no honor. Exactly how he should be perceived.

11:13 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


Football is just a game.

I realize that college football in the U.S. is billion dollar industry, and that Penn State played a big part in earlier years in perpetuating and growing that industry - but it all pales in comparison in the most sickly way to turning a blind eye to pedaphile in action only to save the reputation of the schools athletuic program.

They (Paterno and Penn State Execs) didn't even fire Sandusky - instead they took away his locker room keys.

Pity Paterno? Nah, that would simply be to turn a blind eye to all of this ... like he did.

12:56 PM 
Blogger ARTKNARF said...

I think Paterno by 1998 was either incompetent or corrupt.

9:20 AM 

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