Sunday, November 06, 2011

Why the Penn State scandal is worst in college sports history

The Penn State football scandal, in my opinion, is the worst in the history of college sports. Jerry Sandusky wasn't just another assistant coach Penn State. He was Joe Paterno's right-hand man. His defensive coordinator. He was in line to replace him when he suddenly resigned years ago. Now we understand more fully why.
It involves a coverup. How could this not get reported more alarmingly up the chain from the athletic director and Paterno himself? It involves a huge fouandation in Pennsylvania to benefit children. And somebody - the founder - allegedly taking advantage of it to become engaged in despicable acts against minors.
Penn State must completely clean house or its once sterling reputation will be tarnished for decades.
This makes any thing involving breaking NCAA rules pale in comparison.


Blogger Reise Helmerich said...

I fully agree Book... this story is just disgusting to me. Heads should roll starting with the AD of Penn St. to Joe Paterno himself.

12:00 PM 
Blogger Larry Baker said...

If what is being alleged and reported is remotely true, the lack of concern for the safety of that ten-year-old in the shower room is contemptible and heads should roll.

7:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that many people in the Penn State coaching staff and beyond should have reported this to the police. BUT WHY DIDN'T THE PARENTS OF THE CHILDREN REPORT THIS TO THE POLICE?? They're blaming PSU officials for not doing it, but when it didn't happen...why didn't they?!?!?!

10:31 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the worst scandal in and outside of sports in recent US history because good men stood by and allowed evil to triumph. The cover up allowed additional lives to be destroyed. All athority figures involved in this cover up that could have put a stop to this evil should be facing jail time.

10:47 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having been in legal work for over 50 years, it appears to me the one who should have reported this to the police, is the graduate student who actually saw the abuse. Otherwise, it is just hearsay! What is to keep anyone else who has not been the actual witness from reporting someone with whom they perhaps have had a disagreement for just such an action, and ruining their life by doing so. I'll bet if Paterno or even the college officials to whom he reported it had gone to the police they would have simply ignored it. I think Paterno did exactly what he should have done under the law. He DID NOT SEE THE OFFENSE!! I am not even a sports fan, also I have long been aware of Paterno's great coaching, but this is beyond the pale to fire him for something that was reported to him secondhand--just hearsay. He reported it to the school officials; he did his duty, since he did not see the incident. And just how is this graduate student getting off scott free??? That's what is disgusting!!

10:12 AM 

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