Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tigers will be remembered for they accomplished in 2011, not final loss

My column on the Tigers' season ending Saturday with a 15-5 loss at Texas in Game 6 of the ALCS:


Anonymous Michael C said...

Can't really disagree with anything you said there.

We need one more really good infielder, most likely at 3rd. We need a true leadoff hitter. We need some more speed. We need a couple more dependable arms in the bullpen.

Aside from that I'm worried about playing Young in left field on a daily basis for a full season (assuming we go that route). Comerica probably has the most spacious left field in the league, and Delmon Young is an atrocious fielder with no range and no arm. He may cost us nearly as many runs as he provides.

But it may be worth the risk since he showed flashes that perhaps he can turn around his career (again) and finally live up to some of his potential. I really think e's best suited to be a DH and not a LF (and also bat 5th - 7th and not 3rd), but that DH spot is obviously taken here.

Reyes could conceivably fill all of our major position needs. He'd upgrade our defense, he'd upgrade our offense (moving Peralta to 3rd, where I think he'd be happier in Detroit as opposed to Cleveland), and he'd give us some much needed speed and a true leadoff hitter.

Or we could get a cheaper 2nd baseman with some speed that could bat first or second. And hopefully a 3rd baseman that could hit as well.

Should be an interesting off-season. I just wish this season wasn't quite over yet.

10:41 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Amazingly enough I still held on to that slight crumb of hope into the ninth.

Thanks for yet another great season of Tigers baseball blogging, Pat! Perhaps the next one will be regarding saying farewell to Mags, Guillen, and Inge - and hello to [pick your favorite unreachable second basmen here].

The Rangers take St. Louis in five.

12:22 PM 

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