Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thoughts, halftime, Michigan, Michigan State

The first couple drives were misleading. This is taking on the aura of a classic rivalry. A lot of hard-hitting. Tough football game. We knew that about Michigan State. Michigan,. obviously, has improved in that area.

- Michigan State is doing a very good job of containing Denard Robinson's running and forcing him to beat the Spartans with his arm. A big test for Robinson is whether he can. He has missed a couple throws he should have made, particularly a third-down pass on Michigan's last drive of the half.

- Both teams have had field position issues. The punters are doing a good job.

- Not much was settled in the first half. Key will be adjustments by coaches at halftime. For Michigan, it will be getting Robinson into space on runs. For MSU, it will be trying to get the running attack going. Was good on the first drive, but Michigan adjusted well after that.


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