Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Michigan, Michigan State

- I like the Spartans game plan offensively. They keep running and working play-action passes in there. Nice balance. Working out very well. Lots of good wrinkles mixed in despite what appear to be conservative play calls.

- There is no excuse for that play by William Gholston. Can see why he hasn't lived up to the hype yet.

- Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, per usual, is the lightning rod in this game. If Michigan doesn't win it, and it appears very unlikely, there will be plenty of criticisms about his passing. At least to this point of the game, those criticisms would be justified. While a strong wind is making it very difficult to throw the ball, Robinson has just flatout missed some passes and appears bewildered.

- When Edwin Baker fumbled in the third quarter and Michigan did nothing with the opportunity, it might have been the key point of the game. That was the Wolverines' golden opportunity.


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