Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thoughts during the third inning, Tigers, Rangers, Game 6, ALCS

- Third inning = disaster for the Tigers. They had been living a charmed life with all the breaks going their way in Game 5 and first two innings of Game 6. Obviously that changed in the third.

- Mark Schlereth in a key spot is, honestly, is a recipe for disaster. Jim Leyland should have gone to Rick Porcello and forgotten the lefty-lefty matchup stuff.

- Awful call on Nelson Cruz by first base umpire Tim Welke. He clearly went. Should have been
strike three. It changed the whole complexion of the inning.

- I don't if that was a missed call or not at second base. It was close. Ramon Santiago should have gone to first base. All his momentum was going that way. Miguel Cabrera ranges too much toward second base too often. Many times he'd be better off staying home.

- It was just a matter of time until Michael Young did something really good for the Rangers. He is too good a player to be held down for a whole series.

- The second time through the order, the Rangers had a much better line on Tigers' starter Max Scherzer.

- Still like the Tigers chances against Rangers starter Derek Holland. Great arm, but all over the place with his command. Can come unglued at any time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get rid of all pitchers except fot Verlander, Fister, and Valverde. What a disgrace....

9:54 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

season ended with a thud, but it was a great year overall, both for team and individual accomplishments.

like you say, 1b ump kicked the call on Cruz's check swing. Rangers got 4 if not 5 outs in that decisive inning.

a bit surprised that Tigers did not hit Ranger starting pitching harder than they did. they are mediocre at best except for Wilson. the decisions to bolster their pen at the deadline, and keep Mike Young in the spring were probably the Rangers' keys to another title shot.

leyland was working basically with an 8 man pitching staff. none of the young bullpen arms came through or could be counted on to ease the backend's workload. that'll be priority 1 again in the offseason.

3:41 PM 

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