Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thoughts halftime, MSU, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a solid Big Ten program, not a national power. The second quarter of this game is exactly why. Look, I'm as surprised as anybody by the way the Spartans rallied. Seemed to me like Wisconsin was in total control. The Badgers' special teams breakdowns were horrible.

- Kirk Cousins is sharp, and if Wisconsin doesn't get a better pass rush on him, he will pick apart the Badgers' secondary even more in the second half.

- The play that turned around the game emotionally was when Jerel Worthy broke through for the tackle for a loss. It finally energized Spartan Stadium. For such a big game, it was amazingly quiet until that play.

- The Spartans have excellent depth at tight end. It is paying off big time for them tonight.

- B. J. Cunningham is the best Spartans wide receiver since Charles Rogers. Yes, better than Devin Thomas.

- Russell Wilson Heisman Trophy? Doesn't like it so far, does it?


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