Thursday, October 20, 2011

There is merit to Gholston suspension, but no solace for Michigan fans

I have no issue with the Big Ten suspending Michigan State defensive lineman William Gholston for a game. He punched a player late, and he twisted the neck of another under the pile.
The powers to be in the Big Ten looked at the video, and came to the conclusion punishment was merited.
What I don't see is any solace it has for Michigan fans. It's not like they gained a moral victory from the suspension.
The final score was 28-14. That doesn't change. There is no scarlet letter on the victory. Just the humilation for Michigan fans they lost to the Spartans for a fourth straight year.
The only way that can change is if Michigan wins next year. And that will only happen if the Wolverines match MSU in tough play, not dirty play.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Michigan State graduate (class of 1986). So it's no surprise that I am a huge Spartan fan. So please, for the sake of the thousands upon thousands that do not call into talk radio, stop making every article or blog of yours that deals with Michigan State somehow relate to U of M. I don't listen but I'm sure you had several callers on your radio show complain about the rough play. That is a small fraction of fans.
A large majority of fans, both State and Michigan, understand and accept that State played better and tougher, with Gholston crossing the line a couple times. But you incessantly compare, contrast, and relate 98% of what you write, between State and Michigan. It perpetuates the jealousy aspect that has been around for years.

Please Stop.

Thank you.

10:45 AM 

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