Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Michigan fan reaction to Gholston's rough play laughable

Look, I don't think Michigan State defensive lineman William Gholston should have punched Michigan offensive lineman Taylor Lewan or twisted the neck of quarterback Denard Robinson Saturday. I don't condone such behavior on the football field.
If the Big Ten looks at it and deems he should be suspended, fine.
But I don't think it was"deplorable," or the "absolute worst thuggery in the history of mankind" or whatever some whacky Michigan fans are saying.
That many Michigan fans are acting like they are so wounded by Gholston's rough play Saturday is laughable. What a bunch of wimps.
The Wolverines weren't only beaten in that football game, they were beaten up. It's a trend now - four years in this rivalry.
What can be worse than getting manhandled on the football field like that - and then complaining the other side was too rough?
You don't hear that from Michigan's players or coaches saying because they know the way to exact revenge. That would be on the field, next year and understanding just how physical a team like Michigan State is, and then beating them at the physical aspect of the game. Not dirty play, but outhitting the Spartans, which they clearly haven't done for awhile.
Or how about this, taking advantage of such foolish penalties? Gholston is hero for Spartan fans now because Michigan didn't capitalize on that penalty. He would have been a goat if it led to a touchdown and possible loss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I draw the line at intent to injure. MSU clearly outplayed U-M on both sides of the ball. Gholston deserves a 1-2 game suspension. The program in general at MSU resembles OSU and SEC programs more each year. Most Spartan fans and players represent their university well. Gholston is a thug.

12:51 PM 
Anonymous CP in Detroit said...

Pat, you come across as a Sparty fan piling on a bit. I didn't attend UM, but I am a fan, and a Walmart Wolverine. Ghoston's thuggery did not affect the game's outcome at all, but he should have been ejected after the second foul. Since he wasn't, a suspension is not unreasonable, an in accordance with Big Ten precedence. I don't like seeing those types of plays in sports, nor did I like the taunting after the game. Dantonio has proven to be a winning coach against his biggest rival, and that probably trumps the immature actions of a few of his players. Their after the whistle antics reflect poorly on the coach and your alma mater. Can't wait for next year's game Pat, when hopefully the outcome will be reversed!!!

5:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The coaches need to have a hard talk with Gholston .. this type of behavior can cost a game.

5:48 PM 
Blogger Kaline said...

I guess I wouldn't care if Jonas Mouton wasn't suspended a game for what he did against Notre Dame. But, since it's a Michigan State player, all good, right??? And Gholston did it twice. But, whatever.

8:45 PM 

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