Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts after 6 innings, Tigers, Rangers, Game 5, ALCS

- If you believe in Karma, that was a great sign for the Tigers that Miguel Cabrera's probable double-play grounder hit third base, resulting in an RBI double instead. You can make a point this club deserves the break because of how gritty it has been. I'll buy that one.

- The seventh inning isn't the question as far as I'm concerned. I think Justin Verlander will be fine. It's the eighth and ninth innings that could be iffy. Nice cushion, though.

- Ranger manager Ron Washington's deep bullpen isn't much good to his club if he doesn't turn to it. He left C.J. Wilson in too long. The home run by Delmon Young was almost predictable.

- Gosh, the Tigers are so much better with Young in their lineup. That was a good piece of hitting by Victor Martinez as well.


Blogger annarborbronco said...

How many innings will Leyland let Verlander pitch?

6:52 PM 

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