Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thoughts at halftime, Lions, Broncos

Last touchdown of the half was huge. It pretty much deflated any notion of Tim Tebow leading another miracle comeback. It's a one-dimensional game now. The Lions should tee off on Tebow during the second half.

- The Lions' running game isn't that bad. Maurice Morris is a good back. It wasn't the reason they lost last week. It has actually been a strength today. Stopping the run has been a different issue. The first Denver drive was bad, but the Lions have tightened it up since. It does help that Tebow isn't much of threat to beat the Lions with his arm.

- Penalties have not been an issue for the Lions today. It's because in no way are they are struggling to keep up with the Broncos in this game. They are clearly the better team in just about every way.

- Champ Bailey is still a good player, but not the great one he used to be, and he is coming off an injury. If this were five years ago, he'd been going one-on-one with Calvin Johnson and Detroit's other receivers would not be so open.

- Matthew Stafford's ankle injury is not a factor. He is moving well. His ball faking is good, too. He looks like the quarterback he was in the first five games, not the previous two.

- Great first half by the Lions. Tremendous answer to their flat performances the previous two weeks.


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