Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Lions, Falcons

- It doesn't matter if Calvin Johnson is being given extra attention by the defense. He needs to be thrown to a lot more than he has today. The touchdown catch-and-run an example why.

- What's with the long runs the last two weeks. They have greatly hurt the Lions.

- The Lions have been lacking the usual rhythm with their offense. Moving in and out the huddle quickly. Tempo. They are dragging in and out of the huddle as if it is chore. That might be the best part of the scoring drive. It might energize an offense that had been very flat.

- Chris Redman is not remotely Matt Ryan. Huge dropoff. The door was opened for the Lions defense to get the best of the Falcons. Allowing the long pass to Henry Douglas and the field goal it set up was disappointing.

- Maurice Morris does run hard. Keiland Williams has done OK. Running back hasn't been an issue today.


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