Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stafford or Tebow - 10 years from now, who will be considered better?

Sounds like an easy question with a simple answer - Stafford, of course.
His skill set for the prototypical NFL quarterback are a lot better. The big arm. The quick release. Pocket presence. Swagger. He is not a statue. He has some mobility and decent speed for a QB.
It's not even close.
So I'll take the easy answer. I'll say Stafford, but I don't think it's a slam dunk.
Tebow is a special athlete. That was evident at the scouting combine when he tested so well. He runs like a tailback, and dishes as much punishment as he takes when tackled. His work habits are legendary. So are his leadership skills. He was arguably the greatest college football player of all time. His passing numbers at Florida were extraordinary.
His throwing motion is always under question as it relates to the NFL. I think it is exaggerated because lefties always look funky when they throw.
Some people don't like Tebow because he wears his religious views on his sleeve. I'm not much for athletes using the field as a pulpit, but I don't see genuine harm from it.
Tebow is the type of athlete who isn't going to be held down. Everything he has will realize its maximum potential. I think there is a lot more potential to be realized than most. I just watched Denver's game at Miami. Tebow's passing was absolutely awful. Yet, at the end of that game, he found a way to win it. He started hitting passes and making mad scrambles. It was unbelievable, if not unconventional.
So while I think the answer will be Stafford, I believe it will be a lot closer than many people seem to believe.
Stafford is going to do some great things in the NFL, but Tebow probably will, too.
It's just the style will be much different.


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