Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thoughts after 6 innings, Game 4, ALCS, Tigers, Rangers

- At the start of this game, who wouldn't have taken six innings, three runs allowed by Rick Porcello against that lineup.

- Tigers broadcaster Rod Allen tweeted a great fact about Porcello. He struggles second and especially third time around the order (I re-tweeted it).

- Michael Young hadn't been hitting at all in this series. He is a borderline Hall of Fame player. Not a suprise he broke through. He was, as they say, due.

- Alexi Oganso is nasty. Highs 90s with his fastball. Good off-speed pitches. You don't see Delmon Young get toyed with like that often.


Blogger Barry said...

Tigers are catching onto the hard stuff.

9:00 PM 

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