Monday, October 03, 2011

On Valverde's comments and Game 3 of the ALDS tonight between Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees

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- There will be those who will run with Tiger closer Jose Valverde's comments Sunday about how, "The series is already over," like he was talking smack. Doubt he meant it with venom. Not exactly his personality. But so be it. Nothing is more overrated in professional sports than so-called "bulletin board material." That's especially true now that the series has moved to Detroit. If there is a Game 5, expect Valverde to hear it from the New York fans, though. And loudly. They never let go.

- Getting back home field advantage is very significant. The Tigers have an edge at Comerica Park, the biggest being familiarity. There is a lot of space in that outfield. The notion it is not a good hitter's park is not true. It is because the ball falls into the gaps a lot, and there are many many popups that drop as base hits.
Some of that advantage will be negated by Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson having played at Comerica Park for a number of seasons. The Tigers don't have speed in the corner outfield positions. Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner is exceptionally fast, but may be more hesitant at Comerica Park. New York right fielder Nick Swisher does not run well.

- Justin Verlander threw 25 pitches Friday, C.C Sabathia 27. There is no edge either way with these two. The third game is of a 5-game series is always extremely pivotal.It's the best vs. the best tonight. Just the way it should be.


Blogger Fred Brill said...

Whether he's dancing between strikeouts or joking with the media - Valverde's a different cat for sure.

This whole series has been ass over teakettle so far as far as weirdness goes.

Who'd have thunk on Thursday that we would be coming home 1 - 1 and Scherzer got us our win after throwing 6 1/3 innings no hit baseball.

12:37 PM 

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