Sunday, October 02, 2011

My thoughts on the first half of the Lions-Cowboys game

Halftime is such a short span in the NFL, but the Lions' coaches need to work quickly on adjustments. Both offensively and defensively, they are getting schooled on matchups. The Cowboys are playing like they know what is coming on both sides of the ball. The Lions seem bewildered.
- For all the praise heaped on Matthew Stafford, he is not performing up to his reputation today. He has been hurried a lot, true, but he has just flatout missed what appear to be routine throws, too.
- It's a one-dimensional game. The Cowboys know the Lions are going to pass. They aren't even paying attention to Detroit's running game.
- To get the wide receivers more involved, Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan needs to call a couple reverses in the second half.
- Lions just need to make this game close by the fourth quarter. Tony Romo is tremendous QB when he has a big lead and all is going right. He is not so good when the pressure comes down on him.
- Where is Ndamukong Suh and the defensive line? The Dallas offensive line has been surprising effective in this game. Other than the goal line stand, the Lions "D" front has been invisible.


Anonymous Michael C said...

Can't believe they came back again. Wow.

I thought they had a chance last week, but no chance doing it again this week ... until they did.

I'm confused by what I'm seeing Pat. Is this actually a good football team? I didn't know we were allowed to have one of those.

7:34 PM 

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