Saturday, October 01, 2011

Margin of Michigan's victory over Minnesota Saturday says a lot

Minnesota ranks with Indiana as the worst team in the Big Ten. The game was at home. Michigan should have won Saturday's game with the Golden Gophers - and done so handily.
That is understood.
But the total and complete rout was different. This wasn't the Eastern Michigan or Western Michigan games where Michigan's defense was disturbingly porous at times. It wasn't like the Notre Dame game where the Wolverines' defense was terrible all of the time.
On the heels of what Michigan did last week in a 28-7 victory over San Diego State, the Wolverines have established an improved defense.
Seven points allowed in two games? That wasn't going to happen against anybody the previous three years.
Also, Denard Robinson was much more accurate passing Saturday. And, the entire offense didn't involve just Robinson. Vincent Smith played well - among others.
What it will mean in the coming weeks, especially with the first two road trips of the Brady Hoke era looming? That's an untold story. But it's difficult to look at the Wolverines the last two weeks and not see progress, especially defensively.



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