Sunday, October 02, 2011

Yankees will be unbeatable only as long as the Tigers continue to hurt themselves

My latest column for The Oakland Press:



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, to beat the Yanks you have to keep them off base path. Yanks have homerun power but their batting average is near the league average. Garcia hasn't pitch well at Yankee stadium this year but the Tigers have to stay away from 80 m.p.h dirt ball. Fister will be okay he can adjust to another pitch. He did well until the 6th. He was great pick up and legit #2 pitcher for years to come. I am off the DD fence, picking up Fister makes for at least 3 of many bad moves he has made. For the last time when will the Tigers replace Gene, he must have the lowest percentage in baseball in making the right decision. Someone should run a stat on him and make a comparison to others. He is either just darn right goofy or he is betting on baseball.

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