Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Detroit Tigers are the victims of Mike Scioscia's disrespect of baseball

Pulling his top two starting pitchers, Ervin Santana and Jered Weaver, from the final two games of the season was a bush league move by Angels manager Mike Scioscia.
It's a total lack of respect for the game, and essentially is handing the Texas Rangers a decided edge in the first round of the playoffs over the Tigers. The Rangers and Tigers are fighting for the home field edge in the ALDS, with the Tigers a game behind entering today's final night of the season. The Tigers hold the tiebreaker, having beaten the Rangers more head-to-head this season.
Scioscia's reason: Innings pitched by Santana and Weaver.
Come on.
The numbers aren't that high. They don't put them in some kind of danger category, especially considering they don't have to work in the postseason. It just doesn't wash.
If every manager pulled this stunt, it would be jumping the shark on the Major League Baseball product. What if you were an Angels fans who bought tickets to see Weaver pitch tonight? How can Scioscia justify having such a bearing on the postseason race? How can he not give Weaver a chance to win the ERA title? He has a 2.41 ERA compared to 2.40 for Detroit's Justin Verlander.
Some will say it is to get back at the Tigers for what happened this season when the two clubs played a heated game that involved Weaver being ejected. Yet, that doesn't make sense because the Rangers are the Angels' biggest division rival.
Scioscia just wasn't thinking, especially about the integrity of the game, which he just compromised.



Anonymous Nolan said...

On the other hand, based on a 5 man rotation Cleveland should start Justin Masterson tonight (last started 9/23) but the Tigers aren't facing him. Not sure if he's hurt, but they are catching a break.

1:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All things considered it might not be so bad starting against the Yankees - even in New York. Boston has a wicked lineup - regardless of their monumental slump - and Tampa's pitching is even better than the Tiger's, some might argue ...

4:01 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, I agree this is "bush".When there is still something at stake, you shouldn't, in effect, concede any game. The Tigers, if they are made of the
right stuff will overcome this, beat the Yankees, and advance to the ACLS.

4:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Granted this is "bush" league but let's quit crying. We're from Detroit and bring 'em on.

At the end of the day, we have to play with the Big Boys in the dance eventually anyway.

Just need to focus and be relaxed and we'll play them one at a time, in any order.

Obviously, Philly is going to be the team to beat, great pitching. Runs differential (Runs scored vs. Runs against) is +183 although Yankees' is +211. Detroit is +75.

5:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scioscia went from one of my favorite managers, and former Dodger on a team I loved, to a total douche! What is he thinking? They are playing the last game of the season at home. Reward the fans with Jered Weaver. I would be even more angry if I were an Angels fan. They probably sold that game out a week ago... with the anticipation of seeing a competitive team on the field, not a farm team. Scioscia, you blew it.

5:55 PM 

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