Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poetic justice for Brandon Inge? Absolutely, but for just one game

I couldn't help but laugh Saturday night when Tigers' third baseman Brandon Inge had a home run and a ground-rule double in his first two at bats upon return to the major leagues.
His situation has become so personalized for a segment of the Tigers' fan base, that when he had initial success, it was like many simply did not want to hear about it, or witness it - even if they are diehard Tiger fans.
"Doesn't mean anything" was their battle cry. Many certainly didn't want any reminders about it on Twitter.
In a sense the decidedly anti-Inge segment - and it's certainly not a majority (most fans just didn't think Inge was playing well and have grown tired of his poor play, but are rooting for him) are right. Two hits off decidedly mediocre pitching doesn't mean Inge is the long-term solution to anything. The Tigers would have won that game anyway. Everybody was hitting.
But it did mean something in this regard.
Whether you love or hate Inge, it was a good story. Nobody should feel sorry for the guy. He has gotten a lot of acclaim and money through the years, and to his detractors it has not been unjustified.
However, Inge did take his medicine and go to the minor leagues. He did keep plugging away. He did get a call back to the major leagues. He did make the most of the opportunity Saturday.
What's wrong with that? Is it something to be angry about?
Tiger fans can only hope manager Jim Leyland doesn't overreact to this, and start playing Inge against right-handed pitching. My best best guess he won't. Wilson Betemit is hitting .309 against right-handers.
A stiffer test for Inge will be when the Tigers see solid pitching, which they inevitably will, probably sooner instead of later this week at Tampa Bay. And whether Inge is able to come through in that circumstance.



Blogger Larry Baker said...

I think the "hatred" of Brandon Inge, Jim Leyland, Ryan Raburn or any other figure gets amped up big time by talk radio. I go to the games and hear booing for regulars who have vastly underperformed. And Imyself have ventedin thisspace about loyalty to highly paid vets like Sheffield, Bonderman, Maggs,etc. While I do think Inge is a special source of derangement (Incredible number of Inge t-shirt wearers through thick and thin), I've gone to games throughout the season and the great majority of fans are pulling for anyone wearing the gothic "D". Don't forget, Pat, that you Foster, and others spend a lot of time in the rant and rave echo chamber.

9:38 AM 
Blogger Core Contrarian said...

I think he is gonna go on a Carlos Pena like "retribution tour".

Never doubt this man!

10:41 AM 

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