Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Apparent fine levied on Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh not-so-funny joke by NFL

This is what happened Friday night at Ford Field.
Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh hit Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton and drove him to the ground after he released the ball. Dalton's helmet came flying off. Suh was flagged.
I understood the flag. I don't understand the $20,000 fine Suh (he tweeted about it Wednesday) received from the league Wednesday as result.
Was it a helmet to helmet hit? No.
Did Suh take some sort of cheap shot at Dalton's knees? No.
The NFL is laughable sometimes. It just goes too far. It's like they understand they have a good thing going, almost a license to print money because we're all so mesmerized by their product, they have taken the fun out of the game.
Example: Kickoff returns. They have basically taken it out because of moving the line up to the 35 where kickers will soar the ball into the end zone for touchbacks. Stefan Logan was one of the best things about watching the Lions last year. He'll only be half as fun this year - on punts.
Suh's play on Dalton thrilled the crowd. This is a lunch bucket town that likes it very much Suh is extremely aggressive on the football field.
It was so loud after the hit, Dalton had trouble getting the signals off on the next play.
Player safety is a concern, but it's impossible to legislate all the risk from the game. It doesn't make every late hit worthy of a fine.
Suh did bend the rules. He was penalized for it, too. But fined?
What a joke. And not such a funny one at that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree that the fine was excessive. However, Suh had him in the grasp and should have quit or just drove him backwards to the ground with his arms wrapped.

QBs are an expensive commodity for the owners and they ARE going to be protected.

You can't flip a QB to the ground like a dog does to a toy doll.

I hate it but dats da rules. Funny, how would you like to be a QB and see Suh 10 feet from you, lumbering in like a freight train, and have no where to go!

5:44 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Clearly Suh had time to release after Dalton released the ball. It wasn't a hit but a "throw" to the ground and deserving of both the penalty and the fine.

I love Suh's agressiveness but he has to learn when to let up. He has to be aware of the ball. He'll end up getting a suspension if he doesn't.

11:15 PM 

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