Saturday, August 20, 2011

My thoughts on the Detroit Tigers recalling Inge

- I'd play Wilson Betemit most games at third base. Since he was acquired from the Royals, the Tigers are 12-4 in games he has started, 2-8 in the games he didn't start. If it isn't broke, why fix it?

- It's true. Andy Dirks didn't deserve to go to the minor leagues. He's provided more lately than Magglio Ordonez. It's too late to release Mags, and laugh if you want, but some contending team would pick him after he cleared waivers. But winning the division isn't about being fair. Dirks has options remaining, Donald Kelly doesn't. Kelly, not Inge, is the Tigers' emergency catcher. He can also play outfield, including center field. They won't put Inge at catcher because of knee issues. And there are less than two weeks before they can call Dirks back to the major leagues.

- Dirks has done a good job. Don't get me wrong. But the way some Tiger fans fawn over him is a reminder of Brent Clevlen and Clete Thomas and yes, Casper Wells, who many Tiger fans are already turning into a superstar lost because he hit a few homers for the Mariners (they did the same thing about Scott Sizemore). Do the Tigers need an extra outfielder right now? Not really.

- But that's where the rub comes in. Do they really need an extra third baseman? Inge hit well at Toledo. Maybe he did find his hitting stroke. But he was awful earlier this season. Seems like, considering the way Betemit has been hitting, the better move would have been to wait until September to recall Inge. Or at least wait until Betemit went into some kind of slump.



Blogger Core Contrarian said...

Well, I heard Brandon had a 5 run home run, delivered a baby between innings and won a run-off for the Mayor of Toledo so they couldn't keep him down much longer.

(Yeah, the knees might be part of it but I think the Tigers don't catch him because he will whine)

9:41 AM 
Anonymous woody said...

figured Inge would be back after roster expansion. they obviously like his glove at 3rd alot, and don't like their options (Raburn) for 3b against LHP.

not really a good fit as a MLB bench player...doesn't have position versatility, smart but not fast baserunner, and he's not a contact hitter type who could help in the pinch. that limited skill set is ok to have around when the roster is 40, questionable use of a bench spot when roster is at 25.

Inge has been this year's version of Adam Everett. the difference is the organization had little money and time invested in Everett.

even so, if Inge's bat still has a pulse, and the tigers make the postseason, i will not be surprised to see him on the postseason 25 man.

if he continues to be punchless against LHP, and having glovework at 3rd is more important than offense to the manager, then Worth would seem next in line.

10:09 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, this will seem unfair but Leyland has a love affair with Inge and Raburn, all these reasons you give to justify Inge's existence in this organization dont hold water. Just let him go already and move on. But they wont because DD wants to keep Leyland happy. Both of these guys are highly valued by Tigs but what other organizations would keep them for this price?

1:58 PM 
Anonymous Michael C said...

I'm not concerned about losing Dirks for 2 weeks, but I am concerned about him not being on the 25 man playoff roster.

He backs up 3 positions instead of just one, and has been better both offensively and defensively than Inge this year.

2:04 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inge is back up because he was actually hitting in AAA, and Betemit is terrible in the field. Of course Inge is also owed a lot of money so if the Tigers can get something out of him, they are going to certainly try. As a part time player against lefties and a late inning replacement Inge should be fine.

The comments about Leyland are quite frankly unfair. Take a look at any other major league team and you will see plenty of players that get chance after chance even if they aren't playing well. AJ Burnett pitched 1.2 innings today, but you can bet when his turn comes up in the rotation, he'll be on the mound. Same goes for Adam Dunn, Chone Figgins, Dan Uggla, etc, etc.

11:04 PM 

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