Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Detroit Tigers including Ruffin in Fister deal makes it very risky

I'd say the pressure is on Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski and manager Jim Leyland more than ever after it was revealed Wednesday that Chance Ruffin was included in the trade with Seattle that sent Doug Fister and David Pauley to Detroit.
But they already received their contract extensions.
Look, Fister must pan out. The Tigers gave up two of arguably their top three prospects (third baseman Francisco Martinez is the other) to get him. Fister still only has 13 major league victories and has never pitched under pennant race pressure before. We'll see how he handles it. So far, it's been a mixed bag.
But let me you ask this, where was the risk involved for Dombrowski in making this deal? There was none.
I probably would have given him the extension, too, but would have waited until the hand played out.
As is, the risk of the Fister trade lies only with the fans, who are waiting on the edge of their seat hoping the other shoe doesn't drop on the Tigers again late this season.



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