Friday, January 07, 2011

On Bill Martin's statement, Gores owning Pistons, Ingram

Former Michigan athletic director Bill Martin said he won't go back and second guess the hiring of Rich Rodriguez as the Wolverines' football coach.
OK. I will. It wasn't a good choice. From Day One, Rodriguez was a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. And it was about on the field. One way or another, Rodriguez's Michigan teams were poorly prepared in the vast majority of their bench mark games. Lack of support from the administration or alumni or a former coach had nothing to do with that part of the equation. Period.

- I do like Tom Gores as potential owner of the Pistons because of his local background. You can take a person out of this state, but you can't take this state out of the person. It would be good to have somebody who has had success outside of the state coming back, in a sense. Seems like he'd be a good owner. Multi-billionaire. Flint-area native. Michigan State grad. Those are good things.

- I know the Lions have obvious needs at linebacker and cornerback, but can you imagine a dream backfield of Mark Ingram and Jahvid Best? I think they would compliment each other perfectly. Thunder. Lightning.



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, take a RB at 13th is not that bad of idea. I don’t think it is wise to draft DE as rumored at 13th. Lions need to draft on their needs this year instead taking the best player available. The free agency period might produce a LB and CB and that would be nice. Getting the best RB in the draft is good idea.

1:42 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think Ingram's chances of starring in the NFL are really good.

2:58 PM 

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