Monday, December 27, 2010

Motivation will be Michigan State's biggest edge against Alabama

Michigan State's biggest advantage in the Capital One Bowl: Motivation.
Alabama has the better team, but for the Crimson Tide, this bowl is a huge letdown from the BCS title game of a year ago. Also, in the state of Alabama, there is so much attention on Bama's rivalry with Auburn. And Auburn is getting all the attention for its BCS title game against Oregon.
State, on the other hand, is looking for a signature victory over a national power.

Random Thoughts

- I still think Jim Harbaugh would not turn down what might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to coach Michigan, but there are going to be at least 10 head coach openings in the NFL this off season. He will be a leading candidate for most of them. The biggest upset would be if he remains at Stanford.

- It'd be nice if Chris Osgood would get his 400th victory. Also, the Red Wings need to play him more to get him sharp. But I understand why he still isn't playing that much. Only eight points separate the top seed in the Western Conference, the Red Wings, from the ninth and 10th seeds, Nashville and Anaheim. The Red Wings' little rough stretch here lately has brought them back to the rest of the pack - and quickly.



Anonymous Steve said...

I happened to catch you on the Fox sports show late Sunday evening. As a State fan, I was embarrassed by your harping about Michigan... when that wasn't even the question you were asked. Then, you proceeded to get your a#@ handed to you by Jamie, who simultaneously answered the question that was presented to YOU and squashed the stupid point you were trying to make.

Pat, we State fans sometimes look to you for the sane word on our program. Every time you somehow relate State's successes to the University of Michigan (which seems to be ALL the time), you give credence to their arguments of long, deep-seated jealousy on our part.

Last night did nothing to dismay that argument. Thanks.

4:00 PM 

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