Monday, December 20, 2010

Stanton has earned the Lions starting quarterback spot

Any talk of the Lions replacing Drew Stanton as their starting quarterback this week is preposterous.
Doesn't matter if it is to Matthew Stafford, who is the Lions' long-term answer at the position. Certainly Shaun Hill should not be in the equation. Not in regard to starting this week at Miami, anyway.
If isn't broke, don't fix it. The Lions have won two games in a row, snapping monumental losing streaks in the process with Stanton starting at QB (a 19-game losing streak to NFC North opponents by beating Green Bay, and an NFL-record 26-game road losing streak by winning at Tampa Bay).
Stanton's performance was underwhelming against Green Bay, but not at Tampa Bay. He was excellent. His pocket presence was really good. He is no longer running at the first sign of trouble. He was swift and decisive going through the progression of his reads. He threw the ball with velocity and accuracy. He showed proper touch and placement on throws to Calvin Johnson.
Stanton has earned the starting quarterback spot, at least temporarily. Making a change this week would be sending out the wrong message. Stanton has earned his spot with production, and should not replaced until his performance falters and the Lions lose a game.



Blogger Ken said...

Two wins in a row is a Detroit Lions Dynasty Team !

Stanton DESERVES to start again !

GO LIONS !!!!!

12:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stanton doesn't deserve to start. It was CJ and Morris that won the game for the Lions. Hill is the better QB and he deserves to play if he's ready.

8:42 PM 
Blogger Rndlion said...

We always have to keep an eye on our future and we know that we have Hill back next year to backup (hopefully) Stafford, so whenever he can play with the first team offense he should.

It's great that Drew got some playing time and some wins. He'll have something to cherish for the rest of his life. As far as what is best for the team, it's Hill

9:28 AM 

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