Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cliff Lee is overrated, but Yankees needed to sign him

Cliff Lee is one of the most overrated pitchers in the major leagues. He is very good, but not one of the premier pitchers of this generation as is, strangely, his reputation. Lee's greatest asset had being available, which is no longer the case now that he has signed a long-term, $100 million contract with the Phillies.
He had one great year - when he was 22-3 for Cleveland. He had done exceptionally well in the postseason, at least until the 2010 World Series.
But he is not a dominant starter. He was 14-13 and 12-9 the last two seasons. In 15 starts with Texas last season, his ERA was just a little under 4.00. His career ERA is 3.85.
So in a way, throwing $150 million at Lee, and being turned down, isn't necessarily a bad thing for the Yankees, although they clearly have good money to throw after bad.
It's just that it is another sign the Yankees aren't necessarily the team everybody wants to play for any more. They lost out on Lee and Carl Crawford. It's the Red Sox who are making the much bigger splash this off season.
Alex Rodriguez's numbers are waning, and Derek Jeter is on the downside of his career. The Yankees still have a formidable team, but the mystique is beginning to wane. They are vulnerable on a number of different levels.

Random Thoughts

- I think it's cool what the Big Ten is doing with its divisions. Like the idea of the individual awards, although having two names on each one is a bit much.
It would have been a lot more fun and conclusive this season had their been a conference championship game. Can't wait until next season.

- I find the hype about Monday's game between the Vikings-Giants at Ford Field odd. Much of the media coverage made it sound like there was this mad crush of fans heading into the game. You know, like some of out of control English soccer match. So I was shocked when I put the game on TV and saw how many seats were empty. It looked a Pistons game these days at The Palace. And yet, we're still hearing these things about how it shows how football mad Detroit is. I'm sure the weather held down the crowd some, but it wasn't the second coming of the Super Bowl, either.



Blogger Barry said...

Patrick, he does hold 102 W against 61 losses which is good. He is a 4th round draft pick to make it to the top which is excellent. He can also cut the ball both ways
and have numerous pitches. Phillies did good signing to only 5 years. Phillies must have great management as they signed both Lee and Holladay and didn't sign Werth. I don't feel sorry for the Yanks because they will be in on the next player. There 4 or 5th starting pitcher are questionable too if Pettitte retires.

3:11 PM 
Anonymous Nolan said...


Not only are A-Roid & Jeter on the down slope along with Posada & Riveira, but the death of The Boss this year also put a big dent in the Yankees aura. Bet they will throw every resource they have into getting Greinke from KC.

10:09 PM 

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