Friday, December 10, 2010

On Denard Robinson, Red Wings-Canadiens and an ideal fit for Tigers

I do think Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was the best player in the Big Ten during 2010, and did deserve the conference's Player of the Year award. Even in the games the Wolverines lost, he did make spectacular plays, but wasn't able to overcome the Wolverines' incredibly soft defense and the mediocre talent around him on offense. But Robinson is a special player. A truly great runner, and a much better passer than he is given credit for by many fans. He needs to develop more command of the team. Leadership, if you will. But that will happen in due time. I doubt if, say, Jim Harbaugh were to become Michigan's coach, he'd waste his best weapon.

Random Thoughts

- I'm looking forward very much to the Red Wings-Canadiens game tonight at Joe Louis Arena, but do agree with Mike Babcock's notion it would have been perfect as part of the Big Chill in Ann Arbor.

- I love "Hard Knocks" on HBO. Hope the four-episode series on the Penguins and Captials leading up to Winter Classic is as good. Bet it is, not because of Sidney Crosby, but because of Alexander Ovechkin. His demeanor is perfect for that type of thing.

- I do think Ryan Ludwick would be a great fit for the Tigers. Too bad they didn't keep him around when he was in their system in the first place.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, that why you give your young players a chance. Ludwick did hit 37 homers in 2008 but I also notice he struggles against LH pitching last year. Tigers have only two positions (2B and corner outfielders) that they have prospects or suspects at the upper levels. Due to the limited # of prospect the Tigers should take full advantage of what they have. The other position prospects, besides pitching, are still down at A ball. That why you give Raburn, Wells, Strieby, Boesch, Thomas a chance to become the next Ludwick. You give Rhymes and Sizemore a chance at 2B if Guillen is still on the DL or gets hurt again. Dirk has risen to AAA quickly after two full years of pro ball. That why you sign as many 20 million players at you can and then fill in the rest with your prospects or suspects. No sense spending 10 million a year on the next DWillis or JDamons. Tigers need a right handed hitting DH to bat against LH pitching. I thought Thames would been perfect for the job as he rips left handed pitching.

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