Monday, November 15, 2010

Loss at Buffalo more proof Lions not making progress

I thought the most amazing thing about the Lions' 14-12 loss to Buffalo Sunday was the way the Bills basically turtled once they got the lead, and just welcomed the Lions back into the football game.
There was no aggressiveness on the Bills' part - the sign of a truly bad team. Of all their losses this season, it was the game the Lions should have won the most because they were playing a team with even less collective confidence.
The dropped passes are more than annoying. The fact the Lions reputedly have this stellar defensive line, but can't stop the run is disappointing. Fred Jackson had 133 yards, and the Bills had 151 yards rushing overall. Meanwhile, against a team that was on pace to have the worst rushing defense since 1987, the Lions averaged 2.9 yards per carry. Oh, and there were the penalties. In double-digits again
But the Lions covered the spread. They are 8-1 against the spread this season. Unreal.
Some will look at that as progress, I suppose. But it isn't in my opinion.

Random Thoughts

- There was a point I thought Auburn would lose its season finale to Alabama, but I don't feel that way now. I think an Oregon-Auburn BCS title game would be a really good one. I have seen TCU play a few times this season. And no, I don't think TCU would get out of the Big Ten, SEC or Big 12 undefeated, although it's a very good team. Same with Boise State.

- Purdue's offense isn't very good, so the notion Michigan's defense is suddenly "cured" is ridiculous. But having said that, I do think the Wolverines will have a puncher's chance Saturday against Wisconsin.

- The more times drags on, the more it seems likely the Pistons won't be sold to Mike Ilitch. And if they aren't, it will make the landscape much difficult to get a new arena build in Detroit.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, if the draft was held today would you go for the elite CBs or OLB in the first round?

11:34 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Book I think the Lions gave up last week when Stafford went down and rolled on his shoulder the wrong way.

And what does it say when you would rather play your second string QB with a broken left forearm than your health 3rd string Michigan State boy QB.

The guys are counted on to pick this team up didn't - Suh missing tackels (they all did), C Johnson dropping two/ three in a row in the 2 minute drill, missed field goals and the most humilating punt return in NFL history.

It was as uninspiring as the cold wet eather they were playing in.

This team gave up before they even showed up.

As for the Tigers - I am really surprised that nothing (except re-signing Peralta and Inge and Damon let go - nothing else has happened yet?

12:36 PM 
Blogger rick snares said...

Lions, Lions, Lions why I watch is a mystery, they are still a long long way away, and I am afraid Headbanger won't be there to see it, personally give it 5 years, switching staffs again won't do it lord knows we have tried that. Dallas 37 Lions 10.

Auburn and Oregon, I still am hoping one of them loses and the blue turfies get it, won't happen though,

When do we get our UFL team, oh wait we already have one........

2:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. I'm a diehard UofM fan, but also a realist. The things I've seen since Saturday stating that Michigan's Defense is somehow better, or getting better, simply because they held mighty Purdue, are laughable.

3:31 PM 
Blogger ARTKNARF said...

The Lions are bad and boring. what can we say but they should have won at least 3 of the games they lost. This was the worst loss because they played so uninspired, including the play calling, against a terrible team. against the Jets we can at least say that the worst happened after they lost the QB to injury and everyone collapsed, ideally the coach takes charge at that point and rallies the troops, it didn't happen, but we can at least say, they all melted down for a punch in the gut reason.

This game, they lost because they didn't show up, the coaches, and the players didn't care enough to win. It doesn't come down to the last play really, although it is true that a difference is often that winners will most of the time execute in a few crucial situations,
this game was so lethargic, and uninspired, it was evident the team just didn't come prepared to win. If they don't care, why should we?

unlike the Lions, the RedWings have had a culture of winning that has been built since the ownership took control of the team. ownership, over the long road makes a difference, and the Fords have not brought a winning culture to the Lions, even when they had one of the greatest running backs in NFL history.

As far as the Pistons being bought, and bringing both teams to Detroit, I am not crazy about it for a couple reasons.
First the Pistons have a great place to play right where they are now. Second the Joe is ugly on the outside but a great place to see a hockey game inside, and from a fans perspective all it needs is some more bathrooms. Third, I do not want the tax-payers to be charged with building a new arena. Fourth, as a huge fan of the Ilitchs I would still prefer that they buy the Lions.

4:16 PM 
Blogger Robert said...

The other day I posted a comment about how this is Ford's fault, that he as an owner accepts mediocrity and that is the BEST you will EVER get. I used Dallas as an example, they are down now but their owner won't tolerate it.

I was laughed at by some posters because Dallas is so bad and the Lions will show me.

Well, what happened this week guys? Dallas fired their coach. Then they went into New York and beat the Giants.

What did the Kittys do this week? Too pitiful to write about.

Figure it out guys. Your team will ALWAYS stink as long as Ford owns it. Ford will continue to drag this out as long as you MORONS drink the kool-aid every stinking year and buy tickets.

50 years and you still have no clue? If you own a lions jersey you must be a complete idiot.

5:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, I'm one of the fans that went from optimism to apathy.

Swartz post-game interviews are really getting tiring.

The same mistakes, high number of penalties, bad tackling, dropped balls, incorrect coaching decisions.

This pro game is a game of inches and strategy and tactics are keys.

I don't know, Swartz seems like a good coach, but there seems that something has to change. Don't know how much Linehan is responsible? Is Swartz too logical and not a compansionate coach?

They are dealing with the QB injury, a tough deal.

Gunther seems like a good D. coordinator.

Another disaster season.

The curse goes on.

9:22 PM 

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