Thursday, November 11, 2010

Come on. Be Honest. Would Michigan beat Northern Illinois?

Now that Michigan is bowl eligible, I've got the perfect match. Michigan vs. potential Mid-American Conference champion Northern Illinois in the Little Caesars Bowl at Ford Field.
Last week, Michigan racked up 67 points in its victory over Illinois. Northern Illinois had 65 in its win over Toledo.
Northern Illinois lost a close game to Illinois. Michigan won a close game against Illinois.
Ah, it's be a great matchup. Two even teams.
Northern Illinois, by the way, is capable of beating Michigan, which if it ends up with a 7-5 record overall, and 3-5 mark in the Big Ten as expected, doesn't deserve a better bowl bid than The George Perles Classic.
Would Michigan benefit more by playing in this game and risking an embarrassing defeat to a Mid-American Conference team, or skipping a bowl game at all?Those extra practices would help. That is, if a seven-win season is enough to save Rich Rodriguez's job. Hmmmmm.
My guess is that Michigan will look to play in any bowl game but this one - even if playing at Ford Field would benefit this area a great deal.


Anonymous steven said...

great job pat. that would sure be an exciting game

2:20 PM 
Blogger ARTKNARF said...

This would be a competitive game for both teams, and frankly is all a team with a losing conference record deserves. I have never understood why people get excited about a team w/a losing conference record making a bowl. Its not a good team and to me getting to a bowl game, has always only meant anything when the team has a good record. As a state fan, the last MSU bowel game I have watched was with the sabin team that won w/bobby Williams acting as coach. I don't get all the UM fans acting all excited, or the DET sports writers, writing with a straight face, about being bowl eligible, as if it means anything, other than UM have reached the very bottom level of mediocrity.


4:07 PM 
Anonymous Steve R said...

Can MSU beat CMU? Does it make you feel better that Michigan has not been at it's best the last three years? Does it make you feel better to berate the fans that support the program with your childish discriptions of them? You spend more time bashing U of M and prasing your spartsans; I don't read your rants when the spartans can't beat CMU on a regular basis or the fact that a player that pleaded guilty to a brawl, placed on probation, and was arrested for DUI is back on the team. Was sparty excited to go to the Motor City Bowl when they made it? It's hard to digest the garbage you write!

4:28 PM 
Blogger Raymo said...

Pat, I have seen enough! Rich Rod has to go! This is the ugliest football I have seen in all my years of Michigan football. The 3-3-5 does not work. Stop making excuses about inexperience on defense. Other than the offensive line, the whole team is inexperienced. This is not Michigan football and I don't see it getting any better because he is in denial. He thinks because his team can score 65 points everything is OK. Lets not prolong the inevitable. Get rid of the guy! Hopefully he will disappear into some division III oblivion.

7:21 PM 

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