Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Should the Lions sign Daunte Culpepper? Here's why it might make sense

OK, in what has become a flashback to 2008, who would you rather have start at quarterback for the Lions, Daunte Culpepper or Drew Stanton?
Interesting choice for the Lions, whose first- and second-team quarterbacks, Matthew Stafford and Shaun Hill, are injured. In Stafford's case, from what I understand, it is likely for the season.
Stanton is the third-team QB, but his performance has been, to say the least, spotty. Culpepper was not re-signed by the Lions, but is playing in the United Football League (UFL) for Sacramento. He has completed more than 59 percent of his passes for eight TDs and eight interceptions in seven games for a 3-4 team.
In the "I need to get a life" category, I saw him play Saturday on Versus against Las Vegas. He looked in good shape. He is only 33. Scott Linehan, the Lions' offensive coordinator, was Culpepper's coordinator at Minnesota during his salad days, and last season with Detroit. So Culpepper knows the offense. Nate Burleson was one of his targets with the Vikings. Would Culpepper or Stanton give the Lions a better chance to win?
Former Vikings' coach Dennis Green is Culpepper's coach and had this to say to the Los Angeles Times last.
"C'mon," Green said. "I think most people know what an NFL quarterback looks like. I think he's good enough to start."
The Lions have plenty of choices of their former quarterbacks in the UFL. Josh McCown and Jeff Garcia are also starting QBs in the fledgling league.



Blogger rick snares said...

Good one Pat, my sides are still hurting and read you post 20 minutes ago. Look at this point does it really matter if they win 2, 3, 5, games, no it does not. They seem to be on the right track, get another good draft under their belt, a good FA signing period and hope they play next year. You should hear the talk shows here in DC, you guys back home are cupcakes compared to these guys.....At least we aren't the Cowboys.......

1:54 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly...at this point in the season Dante may offer the Lions the best chance to win. On the other hand...I personally believe Hill, once he returns, is the better replacement for Stafford.

5:27 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat your a complete moron and such a homer about the Lions. People like you can't admit it's stick the folk time in the Lions they got noting now. They be lucky to win one more game Lions are done next season I don't see this team moving forward more like moving backwards after Stafford career ending injury. Now they gotta find a new QB for the future now. Rick is right you guys treat the crrappy lions like champs and it's pathic best thing I ever did was quit listening to you on the air. Ypur wrong most of the time and when you can't omit you this findways to hangup on people. TIME FOR REST OF DETROIT PEOPLE TO STICK A FOLK IN PAT CAPUTO AND THE REST OF THE STAFF. All you people do is kiss butt for these god for awful teams we got.

11:50 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

rick snares,
My reaction might be the same, hadn't I looked into it a bit. Hill is going to play Sunday, so it is moot point in that circumstances. But who would give the Lions a better chance to win, Stanton or Culpepper.

1:03 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Agreed. Hill, in my opinion, is much better than Stanton or Culpepper.

1:04 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I've been called a lot of things. Homer is not one of them. It just doesn't fit. Maybe the complete moron thing does. LOL. But seriously, this is a forum where that gutless, nameless hiding behind the anonymous nature of the internet is not tolerated with rants like yours. We disagree all the time on this blog, but we never make it personal with name-calling and such.

1:08 PM 
Blogger rick snares said...

Hey I got it how about Suh in the wildcat, where is Wayno when you need him.
You are right about Stanton, he tries but he is the little engine that couldn't. If they manage to win 3 more and get to 5 good. I get a kick out of everyone who predicted any thing from 2 to 6 and now they are po'd it isn't more, what changed that lead these folks that they were better than that.....

1:29 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahah. you're kidding right?

1:26 PM 

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