Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Michigan football and "It's A Wonderful Life" have in common

What does Michigan football, under the guidance of Rich Rodriguez, and the old Christmas movie classic, "It's A Wonderful Life," have in common?
"Every time a bell rings, an angel earns its wings."
What is this? Clarence the Angel and George Bailey heading to the bar? Is that Nick behind the bar ringing the cash register as Clarence and George are about to get thrown out? Why, Tate Forcier is getting treated like Uncle Billy when he lost the money.
Is Jim Tressel really Mr. Potter? Will Rich Rodriguez find Zuzu's pedals?
Sorry. I know that is very sarcastic. Actually quite cynical. And I really don't like sarcastic and cynical people. Honest.
But I couldn't help it.
Legendary coach Fritz Crisler put "wings" on Michigan's helmets during the late 1930s so passers could better find receivers. It was a practical reason, not a punitive one.
Earn their wings? Seems like a dangerous way of messing with a great tradition, doesn't it?

Random Thoughts

- It is going to be an interesting end of the summer and early fall for the Pistons.
From an ownership standpoint, I am told it will sort out soon, and that there is more interest in the franchise than many thought, which is why Mike Ilitch was suddenly so public with his interest.
With the economy still sputtering, the Pistons at a low ebb on the floor and Karen Davidson obviously anxious to unload the team, it was expected to be a buyer's market. It's not necessarily turning out that way.
Also, the Pistons have done little to improve the team on the floor. Tracy McGrady would have been a terrific signing - if this were 2003. Right now he ranks as a just another bargain-basement signing that makes little sense - unless Joe Dumars pulls some other moves to improve the Pistons' decided lack of balance on the floor.
Every other move they make falls under the category of a moot point.

- For all the things that have gone wrong for the Tigers this season, Max Scherzer is one of things that has gone right. With Justin Verlander and Scherzer leading the starting rotation, the Tigers could be formidable deep into the future. That will especially be true if Rick Porcello gets his act together and Andrew Oliver develops.

- Bland as it may be at times, I am very happy for the existence of the NHL Network. I miss hockey very much this time of the year. And I can always see a game.



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I would still go after CLee but I doubt we will get him. After that there doesn't seem too much out there for starting pitching. Tigers need to allow Oliver work on his two fastballs for him to be effective. DD did good getting Max and he might still get better. I hope thrade JDamon for a pitching or catching or ss prospect.

5:38 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think the Tigers should go with the arms and worry more about putting a decent lineup on the field.

1:43 PM 

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