Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Verlander, Inge and Michigan's secondary woes...

In the last 365 days, Justin Verlander is 20-10 with a 3.63 ERA. This season, he is six games above .500 on a team that is four games below .500 overall. He has 13 victories - with probably nine more starts remaining this season. Yet, there are many fans who claim he isn't that good. Why?
The record is a matter of record, and Verlander the least of the Tigers problems.

- One of the more understated factors as the Tigers complete this season is Brandon Inge's status. Will the Tigers re-sign him or let him go as a free agent? Can they do better at third base? Would Inge take a hometown discount to remain with the Tigers or want to test the open market? To be honest, I'm not so sure on any of those fronts. He is not a young player any more, and his offensive numbers are shaky, but Inge could help a contending team because of his defense and because he is not that bad a hitter - if placed in the bottom third of the order.

- J.T. Turner just leaving Michigan's football program was stunning. Perception was the Wolverines' secondary couldn't be that bad because of Turner and Demar Dorsey - and neither is there.



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Verlander the best starter since Morris and I also think he is better than him. Wondering if Boros' client will not slip over to third. Beltre would be an upgrade. But the Tigers are better to go after two bats (outfielder and DH) and there are some available. Protecting Cabrera would be a smart thing to do. They also need a catcher(3 or 4 available). So signing Inge at 3B is not a bad thing in comparsion what Beltre will charge.
Ted Lilly would also look good in a Tiger uniform.

2:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Verlander is a good pitcher and could start on any team in the majors. That being said, the perception is that he should be in Jimenez, Carpenter, Halliday territory. He is close and should get there but there are times he goes out and lays eggs when the Tigers need him to dominate. I remember a young Jack Morris being like that also. Expectations too high on JV? probably but hey it is what it is.
Unspoken in your blog yesterday is that Illitch has put the onus square on DD and JL for 2011, all the writers and the owner has given the team a free pass because of injuries and youth, next year the team will be expected to win, no excuses. The Twins are winning without Morneau, Nathan and a below par Mauer. The WhiteSox are without Peavy, everyone has injuries. What the Tigers lack under Leyland year-in and year out is staying power. Why is that?


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