Wednesday, August 04, 2010

As dire as it seems, makes no sense for Tigers to quit on season

I’m not trying to paint an overly optimistic picture of what remain dire straits for the Tigers’ postseason hopes, honest, but Brandon Inge and Carlos Guillen will be back in the lineup shortly. Inge could return as soon as tonight against the White Sox, and Guillen could be back within the next week or so.
And down only seven games with roughly a third of the season remaining, I would try to get another bat for the outfield or DH spot - and make a run for it.
Too soon to give up. There will still be trades. Players just have to clear waivers, that’s all.
Moving Jhonny Peralta to shortstop, will give the Tigers a solid infield offensively, although it might be spotty defensively.
Peralta has been a major league regular at shortstop in the past, and there were obvious range issues as he outgrew the position physically. Second base is a relatively new spot for Guillen.
But the run production will be much better - and it’s not like the Tigers are taking gold-glove performers off second base and shortstop to make room for Guillen and Peralta.
Albeit against tough competition, the Tigers are at home. That should help. There is speculation mounting they might look at trading Johnny Damon, but if I think the Tigers should just go all-out and see what happens.
And then re-evaluate their circumstances following the season.

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Blogger Larry Baker said...

I have real no confidence in a sudden surge, but I agree with you, especially in regard to doing a waiver deal with Damon for a "prospect". He is a competitor and is reported to be a positive influence in the clubhouse. I don't think the team wants to take a humiliating finish into the winter months. Besides, Johnny's salary comes off the books after the season and if the money is spent wisely on a f.a, you essentially have made a trade, then.

3:17 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I'm with you on this sentiment Book. No reason to fold the tent. But there has to be some urgency shown that has been missing since the all star break.

Right now they aren't clicking at all. You'd think it was August.

But when we look forward to Inge returning to the lineup - you know we are grasping at straws here.

I do like Rhymes at second though. A fun kid to watch. He strikes me more as a National player - but can't put my finger on why?

7:36 AM 
Blogger Core Contrarian said...

While Guillen may be coming back shortly, his next DL stint is inevitable.

7:39 AM 
Anonymous Jeff H said...

Once all the bats are back, put Guillen in the 3 hole, Peralta 5 & Inge 6. Move Boesch to 7 to take pressure off the kid. Maybe that will get him to relax and bounce back a bit.

10:32 PM 

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