Monday, August 16, 2010

Golf let Dustin Johnson down - not the other way around

Golf let Dustin Johnson down. Not the other way around. He got jobbed.
What were those officials thinking when they made the ruling, before the tournament, that bunkers, not maintained outside the ropes, would still be considered bunkers? It was simply bad thinking - and greatly marred the tournament. Also, crowd control wasn't exactly good at that tournament. It's was unreal how the gallery was allowed to crowd Johnson as he approached the shot in question.

Random Thoughts

- Granted, he was running against third-team players in a preseason game, but I did think Tim Tebow was impressive during his debut. At one point, he dove toward the end zone, was hit hard by two defenders and did a helicopter whirl in the air - ala John Elway in the Super Bowl.
Obviously, he does not have the kind of arm strength Elway possessed, but he is a superior athlete otherwise, and with an uncommon drive. I don't know if he'll be a great player in the NFL, but I'd be surprised if he isn't, at minimum, a very good one.
I like his chances of becoming a quality QB more than those of Brady Quinn.

- On the first play of the Atlanta-Kansas City preseason game, running back Michael Turner of the Falcons broke into the open field. He was tackled one-on-one by Chiefs' first-round draft choice Eric Berry. I think Ndamunkong Suh is going to be a terrific player, but it wouldn't surprise me if Berry is just as good - and at more of a position of need, at least currently, for the Lions.

- Brennan Boesch's batting average has fallen to .127 - in more than 100 at bats - since the All Star break. Yet, Tigers' manager Jim Leyland hit Boesch third Sunday. I can understand the reasoning behind not sending him to the minor leagues this close to the September callups, but to keep featuring Boesch in such a prominent spot in the lineup is more than a little peculiar.

My latest column in The Oakland Press - Lions preseason opener presents a mixed bag:



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, this off season they need another bat real bad and two if they can swing it. Tigers need more than Cabrera carrying the team. When Boesch or Raburn get hot it helps.

4:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right, Pat.

Kohler (owner) must have carried his toilet thing to the golf course. And he and Pete "maniac" Dye (designer) are guilty of making a golf course with supposedly 967 bunkers.

Come on, PGA. Bunkers are supposed to be well-defined "hazards". That thing that caused Johnson his penalties looked like a patch of sand and grass, a waste bunker.

Stupid decision by the PGA but they had no choice because there were these things all over the course, everywhere. They had no time to choose which of the thousand bunkers were legit or not. But what was the 'walking' official doing, sleeping?

Kohler and Dye need to have their heads examined.

6:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Long time, no comment. Sorry about that. The only reason I can think of having Boesch hit third is that, with Cabrera hitting behind him, maybe Leyland thinks that he'll see more pitches to hit over the course of the game. I would think that, with runners on base, a pitcher would be more likely to pitch to Boesch over Cabrera. Brennan has looked off-balance to me since the break. He hasn't been recognizing pitches early enough, and he's tried to compensate with being jumpy. It's obviously not working. Maybe Jim thinks a steady diet of fastballs while hitting ahead of Miggy will help settle him back in. Otherwise, I think you raise a good point.


6:43 PM 
Anonymous Michael C said...

I agree that Boesch should be moved down in the lineup. How much more dangerous would this lineup be?

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Johnny Damon, DH
3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
4. Carlos Guillen, 2B
5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
6. Ryan Raburn, LF
7. Brandon Inge, 3B
8. Brennan Boesch, RF
9. Alex Avila, C

2:47 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Elway could run with the best of them along with that amazing arm strength. Oh, and he was also drafted as a professional baseball player. So, how is Tebow a superior athlete again?

8:35 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

They need to re-tool their lineup for more balance. They need power. Lack of it, outside of Cabrera and Boesch (when he was hot) has been alarming.

1:56 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Golfers are such sticklers for the rules, but they need to write them in manner that is nonsensical. Bunkers with fans trampling all over them - silly in a major tournament.

1:57 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Yeah, I supposed hitting in front of Cabrera might do him some good because he should see some decent pitches. Then again, he has much with any type of pitch lately.

1:58 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Michael C,
Thing is, doesn't Donald Kelly have a better chance to get a hit these days than Boesch?

1:59 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I didn't say he was a superior athlete to Elway, but a superior athlete in a general sense. Check his combine numbers. impressive, especially in agility drills. And Tebow is huge for a QB.

2:00 PM 
Anonymous Michael C said...

Don Kelly has no extra base pop, and doesn't draw walks. He should be a defensive replacement for his entire career. Boesch is a potential star.

8:36 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Michael C,
I agree about Kelly's future. Not sure about that of Boesch, though.

1:41 PM 

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