Monday, August 30, 2010

Maximizing strengths, minimizing weaknesses key to Lions defense

Looking at the makeup of the Lions' defense, I don't see how it is necessarily going to be "good." Seems more like the goal for the coming season will be making it not "not that bad."
In other words, containing the damage from opposing offenses and quarterbacks such as those in the NFC such as Brett Favre, Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers from picking it apart like roasted chicken.
Thing is, not all parts of the Lions defense are bad. Louis Delmas should be a really good player. Julian Peterson is a playermaker. There are playmakers all along the defensive line. At least part of the defense is better.
Getting most from those players, and minimizing the damage from the weaker areas, will be the key this coming season.

Random Thoughts

- Why should the Tigers consider bringing back Magglio Ordonez? Because as long as he has been out, he still ranks third on the team in RBI.

- Even with Brandon Graham's departure, Michigan should have a good defensive line. Mike Martin, Ryan Van Bergen, Will Campbell...there are some players there. And it wouldn't surprise me if by the end of the season, linebacker Craig Roh is All-Big Ten and emerges as an All American candidate.

- Miguel Cabrera is obviously the Tigers best position player - by far. Who is No. 2? I say Austin Jackson. He's having a pretty good rookie year by any standard. Better than I expected, that's for sure.



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I would not be surprise if Maggs does come back as a DH on a one year deal due to lack of DH hitters available (unless a lot options are not exercised). Dunn would be okay in a Tiger uniform but he is awful in the outfield. He not coming to Detroit to be a DH so we count him off the list. I wonder if Konerko or Berkman like being a full time DH. Have to be careful with Berkman because batting average drop to 245 this year. Tigers should go for it with Lee, Crawford or Werth. Sometimes money trumps bigger cities and sunny weather states.

3:01 PM 
Anonymous John said...

Will Campbell is a good player? He isn't even on the two deep on the depth chart released today. Right now he is much closer to a bust than a star.

10:12 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think Dunn would them best. Don't think they should go after Lee. Starting pitching should not be the priority. Don't see Crawford or Werth here, either. Will have to make trades rather than free agency to revamp club.

1:10 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Campbell was a highly regarded as any player in the nation coming out of high school. Obviously, talent is there.

1:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lions success will depend on the effectivness of their pass rush. If it's not very good,instead of fair their defensive backfield will be awful, as it's been in recent years. They should score more points, but have a pretty tough schedule. 5 wins at best. Sean

5:14 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Some of the earlier optimism about the Lions' waned a bit when people got a look at their defense Saturday.

11:45 PM 

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