Monday, June 21, 2010

Timing Was Perfect To Send Porcello To Toledo

It'd be different if the Tigers were slumping overall, and Rick Porcello's struggles were only part of it.
However, if you look back on their most recent homestand, in which they dominated bad clubs from the National League during interleague play, Porcello's struggles were just about the Tigers' only problem.
Two weeks ago, it might not have made sense for them to send Porcello to Toledo. Now it makes perfect sense.
My point is the Tigers are playing well. There is no need to force-feed Porcello through the tough times. It's easy enough for them to send him to Toledo to work out his issues without being under what was becoming an increasingly intense mircoscope. Because of the schedule, the Tigers won't need a fifth starter for awhile. Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Jeremy Bonderman and Armando Galarraga are all doing reasonably well. They don't need Porcello right now. But they, undoubtedly, will in the not-too-distant future.
His entire issue is his sinking, two-seam fastball. It was nearly impossible to center last season. Now it is a fat 90 mph fastball without life hitters are just teeing off on.

Random Thoughts

- There is little doubt in my mind, that if Tiger Woods had not gone through what he did from Thanksgiving weekend onward in his personal life, he would have not only won the U.S. Open this past weekend, he would have done so running away.

- My relatively new-found enjoyment of World Cup soccer has been quelled to a degree by all the diving players do, and horribly inconsistent officiating. It's brutal on both fronts.

- Reason for this state to seriously not like Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel: Woody Hayes' record at Ohio State against Michigan State was 7-8. He was 16-11-1 against Michigan. Tressel is a combined 14-1 against Michigan and MSU - 8-1 vs. the Wolverines, 6-0 vs. the Spartans.



Blogger Fred Brill said...


No doubt that Porcello needs some help in Toledo - but I think now with the next 9 games coming up that the timing is not so perfect.

If this could have been addressed while playing the dregs of the NL - and he returned for these next nine like Scherzer tossing 14(?) K's in his first start back - I would not be so concerned about this next nine game series.

But that is armchair managing at its finest.

Porcello's face spoke volums as Leyland pulled him on Saturday - he knew what the consequence of that outing was - and I saw doubt and fear that in his face he might not be back up.

I'm really glad to see your appreciating the World Cup Pat, every sport is a beautiful game but none like baseball. This stage of soccer hosts the highest degree of prima-donna's known not only in their own country - but world wide - like Rooney and Kaka - as well known in the rest of the world as Tiger Woods - and they dive and cry becasue they can - and it's a shameful part of the game.

I love to watch the Brazillians play - their smoooth one touch style moving the ball until a free space is found for a running atack on goal can be assembled. They are amazing to watch.

What a name ... Kaka!

1:05 PM 
Anonymous Matt Pocket said...

Good to see some love for some football here. Couldn't stand seeing Italy diving so much, its disgraceful to the game. Still its up to the ref to take a stand and not get shown up like that. Not just on the players but the officials too to put a stop to it

4:25 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the World Cup. The atmosphere, the theatrics and the different teams and styles. It is great spectacle. It's what being a sports fan is all about!


7:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Pat, you were touting Percello a few weeks ago when I said that he was a 11 game winner .. but I was wrong also.

He lost his sinker that was too slow and predictable... maybe he can straighten that out. But he needs to get another good off pitch to compete.

I don't have as much confidence as the rehab of scherzer.

8:44 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred B,
Yeah, but they don't need Porcello's spot in the rotation this week because of Monday's day off. Brazil is a lot of fun to watch. Make it exciting. Will get really fun once they get real tournament portion of event.

2:15 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Matt Pockett,
The diving is unreal. And I thought it was bad in hockey...

2:16 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think "spectacle" is a great word for it. I'm not such much into the sport, but World Cup as an event.

2:17 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I thought Porcello did fight through it pretty well for awhile, but there just came a point where it was obvious this was going to get worse instead of better unless the Tigers made this move.

2:19 PM 
Anonymous Matt Pocket said...

Sean Avery still has most of them beat tho. Just search for the night jagr almost killed Avery on YouTube. Real Madrid might wanna sign him up

5:31 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Matt Pocket,
Don't know why, but whenever I hear the name Sean Avery I laugh. He was bizarre even when he was a kid with the Red Wings.

8:51 PM 

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