Monday, June 14, 2010

Michigan State Has Become The Booby Prize For Tom Izzo

Best question of the day came from a camper at MSU's basketball camp. A youngster asked Tom Izzo if he was going to leave the Spartans.

Worst answer of the day came in response from Izzo: "Bad question."

How can Izzo remain at MSU after all this? With each passing day, it becomes more difficult. That's especially true if it is only because LeBron James signs with a team other than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Michigan State then becomes the booby prize.

This has become a farce. At some point, Michigan State's administration is going to have to get some spine and make it known to Izzo he's either with them or not.

If the answer is he is not, then hire Brian Gregory and move on. He a dynamic coach with the perfect background for the job.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Settle down, Sparty. You sound like you are taking this whole thing personally. The rest of the world doesn't realy see this as such an urgent matter to resolve, as you do. As long as Izzo is keeping his current boss updated, and they have an agreement as to the handling of the matter, that is all that counts, not what the media thinks.

2:03 PM 
Blogger Matt said...

Are you shure the administation has to get sum spine? Wut aboot coach Izzone? Does nut he half to get sum spine alsro? By thar way, kongartulations to tha editur.

2:41 PM 
Anonymous Bill said...

Pat, just grow up already. You're what, at least 40 years old? Get over it already, Izzo may stay or leave, but you are WAY too fixated on that mans life. Find a hobby, get a dog or a cat, whatever you have to do, do it. A basketball coach may mean something to you but the world, and MSU, will still keep turning even if Izzo leaves, so grow up already.

2:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"administation?" Come on, why cannot you make sure your drivel does not contain and typographical errors?

3:27 PM 
Anonymous Michael C said...

Hey Pat, this is completely off topic, but I saw Dumars say "When you have the money you had last year, I don’t know if that means you don’t sign anybody and wait … with only eight guys under contract."

Why don't NBA teams in this type of situation sign some free agents to big one year deals? This particularly doesn't make sense to me because one year deals are such good trade bait for teams looking for cap room. Likewise, why didn't we sign clowns like Kwame Brown and Wilcox to one year deals? Are they not allowed in free agency?

4:16 PM 
Anonymous Phil said...

Read Lynn Henning's column, which reached a similar conclusion and it felt like I was reading about something that had already happened in one of Lynn's Spartan Seasons books. The whole thing just sucks for MSU now regardless of what happens. Seems like we've passed the point where Tom has that George Bailey-like epiphany and realizes what a wonderful life he has in East Lansing. It really does stink.

9:14 PM 
Blogger VERNON said...

My name is Vernon Kielpinski at feel that Mike Izzo should not take the Cleveland job.That is a trap.Mike has himself a nice job here.I wouldn't want a job where a big shot like Lebron James was the only factor.He should turn it down.Many changes are occurring with Cleveland.Thank you,Vernon Kielpinski.

4:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michigan State is never a booby prize for a coach...or a student-athlete, or any student! Get over pro sports, and remember what college is really for ....growing up!...which you really need to do!

10:56 PM 

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