Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Should Izzo Leave, Stevens Will Top The List

After bantering this about with several sources in college basketball, I’ve come to the conclusion that if Tom Izzo leaves Michigan State, Brad Stevens from Butler will be first on MSU’s list.
Second will be Utah coach Jim Boylan. Third will be Dayton coach Brian Gregory.
Most of the inner circle buzz is on Stevens. Boylan is relatively close to State athletic director Mark Hollis. Gregory has been openly endorsed by former MSU coach Jud Heathcote.
The hangup on Stevens could be that Butler gave him a huge contract after last season’s championship game run, but MSU is going to want to make a splash if the farce that is its current situation with Izzo plays out with him leaving.
Stevens does have a buyout in his contract. It is reportedly more than the $500,000 Izzo has in his MSU deal, but it would hardly be prohibitive under the circumstances.

Random Thoughts

- Seems to me, college closers are a risky draft pick. It hasn’t worked out too well for the Tigers in the past. We’ll see how it develops with University of Texas closer Chance Ruffin, who was taken 48th overall as the Tigers’ second pick in the most recent baseball draft.
Rick Greene from LSU and Matt Anderson from Rice, both first-round picks, were high profile college closers, who didn’t pan out for the Tigers. The jury is still out on Ryan Perry from Arizona, who was also a first-round pick.

- Count me among those who strongly feels Oakland and Detroit should somehow, some way get together to play next season. There is no excuse for it. Oakland has to put aside its need for a "home game" with Detroit. Oakland feels it is owed one from the past. Play on a neutral court. The Palace would be perfect. Detroit has to stop acting like Oakland’s Division I presence doesn’t exist. Basketball fans want to see OU’s Keith Benson face Detroit’s Eli Holman. They want to see if Ray McCallum Jr will be able to school the Golden Grizzlies’ super quick defensive stopper Ladrick Eackles. The rest is just needless posturing from coaches and administrators.
Oakland and Detroit should benefit, not ignore, each other.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other than the fact Brad Stevens has absolutely no desire for any other job (Michigan State included), it sort of throws a wrench in the works.

I suppose getting told no doesnt hurt anything other than pride though

4:47 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, why would you draft relieve pitchers in the first place? They are the easiest to sign in the free agent market. Comparing dollars, set-up guys at 4 or 5 million a year is lot cheaper than buying back end rotation guy at 10 million a year for many years. You should be drafting your most expensive players (power hitter and top 3 rotation pitchers). Everything else you can pick-up in the free agent market for less than 10 million a year.

4:47 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't kid ourselves, Stevens would take the MSU job in a heartbeat unless his family objects.

A top ten college BB team perenially? Probably one of the top ten or fifteen sought-after jobs in coaching.

Recruiting might be a question-mark but not a big deal for a young already-successful guy and a good support staff already set up.

5:29 PM 

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