Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Livan, Izzo, Lou Anna K. Simon And Scherzer

- Livan Hernandez is a fascinating pitcher. He brings very little to mound, but just keeps rolling on in a terrific career. He'll carry a 5-3 record with a 2.28 ERA into tonight's game against the Tigers for the Washington Nationals. It will be a contrast to hard-throwing Tigers starter Justin Verlander, who has been pitching well lately.

- In retrospect, it does seem ridiculous to believe Tom Izzo was actually going to Cleveland. The scenario would have been so much different, though, if LeBron James was signed, sealed and delivered.

- Lou Anna K. Simon, Michigan State's president, really came across poorly Tuesday night. You'd think somebody in such a high academic position would understand the dynamics of the Izzo situation better.
The media was not out of line in this case. The University did what it had to do, as well. Both sides had to live with the tension during the nine day period - and move on. Izzo, who understands the media as well as any coach I know of, took the brunt of it in an awkward exchange with the Detroit News' Lynn Henning. It was weird, but wouldn't have happened if Simon, followed by her obvious boot-licking AD Mark Hollis, hadn't set the tone for it. It was a shame, too, from Hollis' standpoint, because he otherwise gave a really good speech about pulling together.

- Max Scherzer has pitched better lately, but needs to be more consistent. He is more than capable of being a solid No. 2 starter, even this early in his major league career. But the consistency, pitch-by-pitch, just isn't there yet.



Blogger Sandy Gholston said...


Great points about President Simon and AD Hollis. I think you make a lot of sense, but I will take it even a few more yards down the field. I was really disappointed (not surprised) by the stereotypical bashing of bloggers and the portrayal of those of us who do so as irresponsible people with no ethics or no standards. It is BS and a lot of people play into that stereotype.

It would be just as wrong for me to stereotype President Simon as an overpaid administrator who cares only about high-profile coaches, making money and strengthening her personal position than she does about the Chemistry professor, the Political Science professor or the student from Sault Ste. Marie. It would be the same as me saying Tom Izzo is just a typical major Division I coach who doesn't care about his athletes and only cares about press conferences, being wined and dined by the NBA and making money more than he cares about the welfare of his athletes.

Sorry for the long scatterbrained rant. Hopefully it makes sense.

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