Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monroe Was The Obvious Pick For The Pistons, Not White

Georgetown center Greg Monroe was the obvious selection for the Pistons with the seventh overall pick in Thursday's NBA Draft. Whether he is the right choice, remains to be seen.
I like a lot about Monroe. Most of them on the offensive end of the floor. He is refined with his footwork and ball skils. He does have a size. He is a legitimate 6-11 and massive - with room to grow. He is a bonafide center.
What I don't know about Monroe is what he will bring to the defensive end of the floor. I expect he will be a decent post defender, but don't see him as filling what I think is the Pistons' biggest need. That is someone to guard the rim. Someone to be a respected as an off-the-ball defender. From that standpoint, Baylor's Ekpe Udoh - who began his college career at Michigan - would have been the better option. But he wasn't available, Golden State snagging him sixth overall.
Joe Dumars made it clear after selecting Monroe he wasn't going to draft for need in the second round. That meant the Pistons passed on several big players to select Mississippi's Terrico White, an athletic 6-5 swingman, who fits the same role as so many - too many - of the Pistons' current players.
To some degree, that pick could define this draft for the Pistons. Will White become a productive NBA player? Will any of the big players the Pistons passed on to select White pan out?



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