Monday, January 18, 2010

UConn Victory Proof Beilein Is Upgrade From Amaker

I’ve heard it bantered about that there hasn’t been much of an upgrade at coach from Tommy Amaker to John Beilein at Michigan.
That Beilein’s best players were recruited by Amaker, and that, in really, Michigan basketball is business as usual.
And while I do question the timing of Beilein’s recent contract extension, I must say it is unfair to say he isn’t an upgrade from Amaker. The NCAA tournament appearance last season - and victory in the opening round - spoke loudly.
So did Sunday when the Wolverines beat Connecticut.
The Wolverines are still playing from behind, but it was a big victory to keep their NCAA tournament hopes alive. Last season, the Wolverines were similarly prepared while upsetting Duke and UCLA. And when they had to win a game in the Big Ten Tournament, they did so as well. Those victories provided the key to unlock their tournament bid.
Beilein knows how to get his team prepared for a big game. It was his modus operandi at West Virginia as well. Not sure Amaker did.
Although Amaker has done well at Harvard. His team is 12-3 this season, including wins over William and Mary (which is very good, having won at Wake Forest) and Boston College for the second straight season.

My column in Sunday's Oakland Press on Tigers confusing off season:

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Blogger TheFranchise11 said...

Pat.....I was listening to your radio show tonight with dickerson and wanted to commentt on the tigers and Mich basketball a little bit.

I am an avid tigers fan. Have been since I was a little kid in fact. I have had season tickets since 2005, the year I unfortunately graduated from college and elected to stay in this great economy and weather. Born in 82, so dont remember 84 or 87, let alone the tigers being somewhat decent. 2006 playoffs were the best time ever with these last few years being rather disappointing. I also played college baseball and currently still play(best I can) and currently still run a team in the storied pontiac class a baseball league. Therefore I feel I somewhat know what I am talking about in regards to baseball.

The Granderson trade could not have pissed me off more. What do we always say we need at the trade deadline? since 05? A left handed stick! away our only one (carlos ? now? to the stinking evil empire? And for prospects? Prospects? I recollect nook "im fast but nothing else" Logan being a good prospect. I thought we figured this out out with Maybin, Sanchez, and Miller. Prospects are prospects for a reason. I will trade any prospect for a proven mlb player not matter what any day. I dont even want to mention let alone mention that this is especially true if said MLB player is in their "prime". In my opinion Curtis was best cf tigers have had I can rememeber. Leyland hits hit 1st when he is undoubtedly a 3,4, or 5 hitter because we have no leadoff. I am sorry but the last few years I have thought if you had grandersons XB power behind 3 plus .300 hitters, polanaco, maggs,m and cabrera....I dont even want to know what kind of #'s he would have had. 4 players in the history of baseball have had the 3 20's in same year ever. Yea Lets trade him when he enters his prime. Great Idea. Similater to Juan Gone not signing a $140 mill guarantee in front of his face. I predict Grando excelling in I punch these computer keys thinking of him in pin stripes of all places. 40 homers in that porch easy and I predict a 1st ballot hall of famer with no ? marks now like no way you did Roids Mcgwire. Please barry bonds even thinks that delayed announcement is ammusing. Sosa hows that english buddy?

Tigers pitching makes them a contender in the division still. I think we can contend as long as thier is no johnny "did roids for sure" damon signing. Gosh, I hate that guy. If we sign him for anything close to what Grando was making I will not renew my tickets. Austin Jackson could be good....but so could have nook logan errr Gorkys hernandez. Grando was proven and a stud. Here's hoping we use some of that $ next year off the books and get grady sizemore with it.

- MNichi extending Johnny B was a goodcall. I also admit the timing to be skeptical but regardless the guy has never not WON anywhere and with the recruits timmy hardaways jr and that evan guy coming in we are looking good for the future. Without a practice facility any recruiting done is remarkable. I expect big things in years to come. If they hit 40% from the 3 point line, have a chance against anyone. ANYONE.

- Pistons need to tank season no matter waht and get a lottery pick. With a higher pick we could hit on a tyreke evens or roye. picking beyond 13 that player is rarely available.

I love the valverde signing but am still unsure of the tigers directions. I do feel tho that pitching wins and that seems where DBow is headed I hope.

Love your OP articles.

McGwire is a cheater. Please vote in Rose before he is ever even considered. Using steroids is so much WORSE.

1:45 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, all three moves DD did was designed to cut payroll but still try to be competitive. If you look at the numbers, the saving of $5 million for Granderson, Jackson, Lyon and Rodney for a combine saving of $20 million or so. DD pick up $10 million in new salaries. End result DD cut $10 million from his payroll. Was this a good move, no. So what if the Tigers lose an extra $10 million this year. Tigers will gain the $10 million plus some in 2011 and beyond. DD did improve the pitching to compete with any team in baseball. Pitching keeps you in the game. The offense will probably be the same as last year with Maggs, Guillen and healthy Inge having better years and if Sizemore can come through. Those improvements might compensate the lost of Granderson. I wonder if Miner and Seays are next in line for cost cutting? Signing Verlander to a 5 year deal would be cool.

10:26 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think the danger here is that there are whole lot of fans like you that don't remember '84 or '68 and who were won over by '06. They want to see that return, not go through pre-'06 again. The Tigers have been pretty good in three of the last four seasons. It would be profoundly disappointing if they don't contend this season.

10:20 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I am with you on that. Seems short-sighted. Could cost Tigers money if season tanks because Polanco and Granderson have been replaced by rookies.

10:21 PM 

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