Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Rich Rodriguez Doesn't Want To Go To Tennessee. Now That's Funny

Funniest moment so far this week: Rich Rodriguez's agent coming out and saying Rodriguez has no interest in the Tennessee job vacated by Lane Kiffin.
A lot of Michigan fans would be more than happy to hand Rodriguez a first-class plane ticket to Knoxville.

- I don't understand Michigan State football Mark Dantonio's need to re-instate the players suspended for their part in the incident last month with members of a fraternity. There was a lesson Dantono should have learned from bringing running back Glenn Winston back right after he got out of jail. Evidently, he didn't. I'm not saying he should never bring these players back, but it is way too soon, especially since five of the players are still facing criminal charges.

- I know Jose Valverde isn't going to get the $10 million per season contract he was seeking, but I can't imagine the Tigers are willing to pay enough to sign him. Seems like the Tigers are his destination of last resort. He would be a significant upgrade from Fernando Rodney and give the Tigers a very good pitching staff. But it would be the same old tale about struggling to score runs - unless they can somehow add a left-handed bat. Seems unlikely at this stage.



Blogger Barry said...

Well, Pat looks like the Tigers might do it again. Free agency doesn’t start in Detroit until January. Sounds like they might be picking up a great pitcher at a reasonable price. Good for them. Way better than paying Jones and Rogers at $8 million a season at the end of their careers. That was just plain dumb. If the Tigers sign Valverda, then Zoomer could be your swingman or #5 starter. Yanks mention Coke is a way better reliever than starter. Miner and his 1.46 career WHIP doesn’t do it for me. Love to see Fein get a shot. He has done terrific at every level in the minors from low A to AAA. It might be a great morale for other prospects that don’t jump levels and steadily rise through the ranks. Your Left-handed bat might be better sought at trading deadline if Maggs doesn’t hit and Guillen gets hurt again. Tigers need to have Larish ready or have him play AAA. It going to be great to see how the AAA outfielders pan out.

2:50 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

No question Valverde will help the Tigers, but his signing does point out an inbalance on their roster.

11:56 AM 

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