Thursday, November 12, 2009

Biggest Game Yet To Get A Read On Stafford's Future

This is a huge week for Lions QB Matthew Stafford. His performance last Sunday at Seattle didn't exactly inspire confidence. This week presents a much more difficult test. The Vikings are much stronger than the Seahawks in just about every way, and have already seen Stafford and what he does and doesn't do well - the first time he's faced a team for the second time. If he plays well this week under the circumstances, it would really mean something. If he doesn't, it's another sign he is lacking the intangible quality to be more than just another NFL QB. And considering he was taken first overall in the draft, is that good enough?

Random Thoughts

- If the Tigers trade Curtis Granderson because of money issues it would be just flatout wrong. Granderson is a way better player than he has been credit for later by many in the Tigers' fan base.

- Looking forward to the Red Wings game tonight. Is Steve Yzerman the most popular athlete ever in Detroit? I'd have to think so.

My column in Thursday's Oakland Press on hockey pioneer Manon Rheaume:



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, trading Granderson would be wrong for a couple of reasons. His contract in comparison to Maggs is not that bad and Granderson might even sold himself short. Tigers need his left-handed bat. I starting to be firm believer he should be drop down in the line-up to the #2 spot and his batting avg will soar. He needs a spot where is going to see a lot of fastballs.

3:24 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

You're right. The Tigers have Granderson at a decent salary. I still think he can effective leadoff hitter. Has to cutdown on K's and obviously hit left-handers better.

7:55 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


All Free Agents Must Go!

limited time only offer - while supplies last!

We have gold gloves, respectable starting rotation candidates, and all the strength up the middle you could ask for.

Need strong center fielders that can give back to your community ... WE GOT EM!

Need Rock Solid Second Base performers who come through in clutch situations? - WE GOT EM!!


Good friggin grief.

10:21 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, these trade rumors going around are the silliest things I have heard in years. Tigers going to save 10 million on salary but they could lose that much at the gates and advertising. Tigers have to be more like the Twins and not be so loyal to free agents and be loyal to the players that came through the system. If they trade Jackson and Granderson which is your #2 starter and your one of two left handed bats in the line-up with power for what a bunch of low level prospects which Tigers have abundance of. So that cuts out the Cubs and Yanks. Brandon Wood name is interesting but you have Brandon there this year. Trading for Wood next year would be great. Pat I haven't listen to you in a couple of years on the radio due to work schedule but I did catch you on the radio stating “Granderson is very hard working" which to me is a guy you want on the team. His activities outside the ballpark could improve.

11:44 AM 
Blogger Jim15032 said...

Steve Yzerman is a wonderful part of Detroit sports history, but as far as most popular ever goes, did you forget Al Kaline?

Yes, I know there aren't a lot of people wearing Kaline jerseys, but he did play before marketing drives like that.

Or are you, too, too young to remember 6?

10:35 AM 
Anonymous Michael C said...

#20 probably trumps #19 as well.

7:05 PM 

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