Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On The Possibility Of Tigers Trading Edwin Jackson

Probably the most difficult thing for fans to figure out is why Edwin Jackson would be on the trading block. Does seem like he would be a big part of the Tigers' future anchoring the rotation with Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello.
I don't blame them.
The Tigers are paying a lot of money to unproductive veteran players carrying loads of money on contracts. So they can't re-sign Placido Polanco, may not re-sign Fernando Rodney and are looking to trade Edwin Jackson?
Those were three of their better players.
I've been around baseball long enough to understand what is happening here. The Tigers hope to contend next season because their division isn't that good. They do hope to get some value from Jackson, who scouts like because of his arm strength, but who may not be any more productive or less productive in the future than he has been the last two seasons. Jackson hasn't exactly been clutchwith both Tampa Bay and Detroit. Yet, his trade value is still high. Is Jackson worth signing long-term? Because he will soon be eligible for free agency? This is time to do it.
I just don't see where dumping Jackson will make the Tigers a better team, especially if it is just for prospects.



Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, there nothing wrong listening to offers. But, if they do trade him they better get something good in return instead of prospects. DD might be selling Jackson high and I do believe he is a bit overrated. Like his control last year though. He does anchor the starting rotation but he is not an ace. In order to trade Jackson, which is not going to happen, DD needs a solid pitcher in return.

2:50 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree. This and the Granderson rumor with the Yankees having strong interest trouble me greatly. I am a huge fan of both players and the team as a whole, and I admit that it is difficult for me to separate myself sometimes. I just feel the same. How do you get better as a team if you trade your number 2 or 3 starter and an All Star centerfielder? Neither of these positions is easy to fill. Teams that are strong up the middle and have solid starting pitching are the teams that win. '06 is a prime example with Guillen, Polanco, Granderson, and Pudge up the middle and Rogers, Bonderman, Verlander, and Robertson having strong pitching seasons.

You're already probably losing Polanco for a lesser defensive player and a rookie, Sizemore. I don't like that, but I understand it. What I will not understand is dumping a face of the franchise (Grandy) and a stud, flame-throwing starting pitcher for prospects. I am pleading to Dombrowski and Ilitch to just ride out 2010 and wait for the payroll relief that will come after, because it will be significant. If they trade Curtis, it's going to irritate a lot of fans like me that head to the ballpark 40 times per season.


10:29 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Believe it or not I'm still reeling from the Tigers drop off that high September cliff into the abyss of missing the post season to the quickly-out-of-the-playoffs Twinkies.

And all I can feel to express Mr. Dombrowski and Mr. Illitch is "Please in the name of all baseball gods do NOT let that ever happen again!"

And I don't think replacing Polanco gets them closer to that goal. And I don't think trading Jackson gets them closer to that goal.

And I damn sure know trading Granderson away - especially to those Damned Yankees - does NOT get them closer to that goal.

They trade away Granderson and I will have a hard time caring about this team next year.

What other "also-ran" club gives up 2 gold gloves in an offseason to get better for next year?

12:13 AM 
Blogger Core Contrarian said...

Apparently Granderson, Laird and Inge are also on the market now though I think we learned a few years ago that Inge does not have much market value.

Why not tread water for year (and yep I suspect that they will lose money in the upcoming year) and when these bad contracts come off the books after next year, then they are ready to roll?

I think they are missing the big picture.

Had they not blown that big lead and gotten into the playoffs, that playoff revenue might have alleviated this is a bit but....

8:36 AM 
Anonymous Jeff H said...

Jackson had a career year. Next season is going to be a struggle, so why not cash in on his performance to get a great position prospect (hopefully SS or 3B, Cale Iorg isn't going to make it and Inge is getting older)to have ready in 2011 when all the dead $$$ comes of the books?

By 2011, Jackson would likely be no more than your 4th starter behind JV, Porcello, and Jacob Turner or Casey Crosby. He will be a free agent after 2011, won't sign early with Boras as his agent, so you'll probably lose him then anyway. By then, the prospect the Tigers get for him could be a full time starter. Trade him now and let some other team overpay him.

12:37 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

There is a difference between listening to offers and starting the contact with other teams about dealing a plauer. I agree about Jackson. Not sure how good he really is. Granderson I'm sure he is a high-caliber player.

7:46 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I'm with you on this. I mean, if you draft and develop a player like Curtis Granderson, you keep him. Period.

7:48 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
You're not alone, Fred, a lot of Tiger fans are still feeling the pain of that collapse. It was unusual. Your logic is right. This seems weird.

7:50 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Core Contrarian,
Understand your point, but don't agree with it. Because you have given bad contracts to others, you cut you losses by dumping your best players? I see that as nonsensical.

7:52 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Jeff H,
Crosby and Turner are a long way from the major leagues. Jackson is still you young. But the sell high argument does have some logic behind it if you don't think Jackson is all that good.

7:54 PM 

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