Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did Magglio Just Earn His $18 Million?

Me? I think those two hits producing five RBI the last two nights by Magglio Ordonez were worth the $18 million he will be paid next season. They might have been what sealed the division title for the Tigers. Means a lot of money in postseason ticket revenue. Means much better ticket sales for next season. Also, theTigers lineup seems stronger for the postseason with him in it than it would have been otherwise. Give credit where credit is due. Ordonez deserves it.

Random Thoughts

- One reason to think the Tigers might have a chance to go far in the postseason despite their so-so regular season record: The last two times the Tigers were in the playoffs, an 87-win team (Minnesota in 1987) and an 83-win team (St. Louis in 2006) won the World Series.

- Don't know of a more important contribution to the Tigers lately than that of Zach Miner.

- A key for Michigan State Saturday against Michigan will be containing Wolverines running back Carlos Brown. State's secondary lacks speed. If he breaks into the open field, not sure if the Spartans have anyone on defense who can run with Brown.



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