Friday, August 07, 2009

Rating The Worst Of The Worst: Lions Head Coaches

Of the Lions coaches in the recent past, I would rate them, in order from worst to first, like this:

1. Rod Marinelli - A profound disappointment. Sold work ethic and staying the course, yet the wheels came off the guy completely in public just being asked simple questions at news conferences. A lot of people bought into Marinelli within the organization. He let them down completely. The foolish trip to Oakland in one day for a preseason game was the precursor of dreadful things to come.

2. Bobby Ross - Confonted players when unnecessary. Totally blew the Scott Mitchell situation. Publicly ripped his teams many times when it should have been private. Lost the respect of his players. Quit in midseason with a 5-4 record because he couldn't take the heat. Always somebody else's fault, never his.

3. Steve Mariucci - Never stood up for himself. Let Matt Millen dictate quarterback situation with Joey Harrington when he wanted Jeff Garcia. Played James Stewart too much in final preseason game and he got hurt. Ditto for Garcia the next season. Was always vague about things. Looked at by players as kind of like a teacher who wasn't paying attention.

4. Marty Mornhinweg - Actually had great ability as an offensive mind, but got the job way too soon. Leaving camp on his motorcycle that day in Saginaw was a joke. Micromanaged little things that didn't matter, but left important stones uncovered. Let Millen dictate coaching staff and draft. Big mistake.

5. Wayne Fontes - Can you imagine the Lions of Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, Chris Spielman, Lomas Brown, Kevin Glover, etc with a different head coach than Wayne Fontes? Can you see a Super Bowl champion? Me, too.

It's early, but it seems like Jim Schwartz might be better. At least he appears to be a calm hand at the wheel. We'll see.

My column in Friday's Oakland Press about Tigers



Blogger maddog52 said...

Interesting rankings.. I honestly put a bit question mark next to anything during the Millen era.. I felt the whole tenure has been flawed. He put anybody and everybody in a tough spot to succeed.. I will say this about the lions.. Why I am excited.. I think this could be one of the best rookie classes we ever had. Not because the top 3 but some of the latter players. I think Will Heller could be a sleeper of a tight end. I like the LB from cal.. I think if Sammie Hill is pushed/motivated he could be a player. People talk about petigrout and what a mistake it was .. TEs are huge in today's NFL. Bottom line as a lions fan it is ok to be gitty, but lets be realistic.. If we lose game 2 I think we will sputter out of control.. IF we beat minnesota week 2.. Look out our record could be better then we expected.

Speaking of expectation.. To all the Tiger bashers.. We have exceeded expecation. This team was not suppose to be in first this year.. My mind they exceeded expectations this year. We need to get behind them.. One thing yo have to like is the youth movement.. I like seeing Clete get a chance. I like seeing Porcello do well. I am praying Avila pans out. We traded so many prospects its nice to see our own up here and contribute.

3:39 PM 
Anonymous Rick said...

I agree with your rankings. What is really pathetic is the fact that we have to go back to the
'60s and early '70s to say "he was a good coach." Joe Schmidt and Don McCaffrey.

I don't know what Schwartz will do, but I have been encouraged since the day he was hired. He doesn't seem to be arrogant or clueless or slick. He does seem to be highly intelligent, focused, driven and flexible. Hopefully a breath of fresh air for us all, and most of all a WINNER.

1:13 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Seems like a lot to put on Hill as a rookie from such a small college. But he may thrown into the fire soon because they don't have a lot of options at d-tackle.

5:58 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

When I was a kid, I remember my relatives complaining about Joe Schmidt as a coach. Seems pretty funny considering what has happened in the many years since.

5:59 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Book and Maddog52,

It is starting to sound like a George Bush speech - if you ain't fer us - yer agin us (heheheh).

Tiger bashing is saying - "I hope who whoever plays the Tigers beats 'em - they stink". I have not heard one person state that. Not here or on the radio anyway.

Tiger rooting is about becoming fanatical about this season and talking about your favorite team with all the hopes they can win.

Fan comes from the term fanatic you know.

Rodney is scary as hell. But he gets it done.

The team can't hit the ball on the road.

I am scared of this Boston Series in Fenway only because our boys can't hit on the road.

That aint bashing - that's simple obvious eyelevel anaysis that fits in a blog comment.

I bet we win two out of four at Fenway. And our heroes are the unlikely ones. Again.

If we do, I ain't complaining (heheheh).

7:56 PM 

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