Friday, July 24, 2009

Perfect Game, Perfect Moment

It was thrilling watching the end of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game Thursday. It was one day I was glad I have the extra baseball TV package, that’s for sure.
Dewayne Wise’s catch on Gabe Kapler’s drive was very special. It was truly a great moment.
The low number of perfect games, compared to how many games have been played in major league history, tells you just how rare the feat.
A couple things stood out to me. One is how calm the fans seemed to be late in the game. They were a little louder than usual, but not to the degree I expected. Another is just how quickly Buehrle worked. He’s always been a fast worker, but during the last couple innings, it was as if he were a machine gun. Get the ball. Throw it.
There was nothing fancy about the way he pitched. Off speed pitches low and away. Fastballs high and tight. He made a difficult feat appear remarkably simple.

Random Thoughts

- A stat that defines Miguel Cabrera’s season: He is hitting .474 since the All Star break - with just two RBI.

- Why would the Lions want to sign Kevin Carter? He is going to turn 36 during the season. Signing Grady Jackson, also 36, was a stretch. Enough already. Lions need good young players.

- I like the Buick Open - regardless - but the tournament lacked luster without Tiger Woods last summer. It’s a huge boost he plans on playing in it this year. And a surprise considering GM dropped his Buick endorsement deal.

- Call me crazy, but I like the Tigers’ pitching matchups this weekend. I say they take three of four from the White Sox.

My Column in Friday's Oakland Press about the Tigers-White Sox series:



Blogger Steve said...

Ok, I'll bite.... You're crazy!! Isn't it now obvious that it really doesn't matter how good our pitching is? The match-ups might be great but it's been proven that our pitchers can hold the other teams to two runs, and we still lose. So, to me, we could have Cy Young pitching but you don't win if you can't score.

9:39 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The combined record of the White Sox four starters in the series is 17-23 with a 4.60 ERA. The White Sox have a very good bullpen, but the Tigers will be seeing mediocre starting pitching.

10:10 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

If Miggy is hitting 474 he should have more than 2 RBI. One of the problems with Miggy is there is no guys on base when he gets his hits. I know the Tigers need another hitter but the asking price Halladay is not that expensive. After Happ, the Phillies are not offering a lot beside Drabek (injuries). The Brewers though have offer two good players in Escobar and Gamel. The Tigers do not have a front-line prospects but they do have several good ones.

11:43 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


while your sitting there scratching your head about Kevin Carter, i'm sitting here scratching my head about the contract extension given to Raiola. I'm not being sarcastic when i say the guy is in the backfield as often as the quarterback. on top of that, i think the guy is a total moron. then again, i'm willing to bet the guy that just inked him to all that cash may be an even bigger moron.

lil rob

12:03 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

could this series make things blurry for Dombrowski? I mean lets say the tigers take 3 of 4. Does Dombrowski go why do we need to make a deal? I know you talk about chad tracy, but what about like a Garrett Jones and John Grabow(i think that is his name) or me personally I like Nick Markakis/Luke Scott and Geroge SHerrill better if we can make it.. Personally I am glad we didn't take Holliday cause I just feel he is a national league guy who likes to hit in band boxes. I don't think he'd be a great missing piece for the tigers. I think we can get a combo of a solid reliever and a good corner bat to help make a push.

3:15 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I knew they wouldn't go after Holliday. Not good fit for Comerica Park. Far better player at Coors Field than anywhere else in career. Another Boras client. Need a right-handed hitter.

7:03 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

lil rob,
What they like about Raiola is his smarts. He is suppposedly the best there is at makling line calls. Also, he is a tough player, although undersized and often overmatched in one-on-one run blocking.

7:05 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I hear the Orioles aren't necessarily looking to unload those position players. Huff and Sherrill could be on the move, but would take pretty good prospects.

7:06 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, we didn't need Holliday even though being good defensively with some speed does grab your attention and would be an upgrade in LF. But the Tigers already have Raburn, Guillen and Thames to play LF and DH. The Cards did pay alot for the rental player. Halladay is the ticket this year and next.

12:44 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Honestly, it doesn't seem like starting pitching is much of a problem for the Tigers.

7:41 PM 

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